Nutrition Response Testing

What is NRT?

Nutrition Response Testing is a cutting edge, scientifically verifiable way of assessing what areas, organs and glands of the body are energetically low and are not functioning at their highest level. When these areas are addressed and are provided with the right nutrients through testing, the body can begin to heal itself. It really is a very simple, yet very accurate system of using the body itself to determine what areas of the body need support and then providing those areas with what is needed to be able to heal. The body is pure energy. Everything in the universe is composed of the same building materials, atoms. Atoms have positive and negative energy. Matter simple looks different due to different numbers of protons, neutrons and electrons that make us a particular substance. What are some common things that can help us to understand how the body is electrical and make of pure energy? When someone stops breathing, we grab a AED and send a shock to the body to help jumpstart the heart to beat again. ElectroCardioGrams is energy that is used to measure the electrical activity of the heart such as the rate and regularity of heartbeats. While people might find nutrition Response Testing somewhat strange, it is not very difficult to believe that the body is made of pure energy and that energy can be measured through the Automomic Nervous System. Imagine telling someone 150 years ago about cellphones or using a computer to send an email. No one would have believed you. Most of us really don’t know how cell phones really work, but we use them because they do work. Our body can communicate with us and does so in a way that it can tell us what area needs the most support and how to provide the body with exactly what it needs to function well again. Nutrition Response Testing is 100% painless and is a powerful way to help the body heal.

Nutrition Response Testing

How is Testing Done?

The idea of hypothermia can help to understand how Nutrition Response Testing works. Hypothermia is when the core temperature of the body drops due to being exposed to cold. Cold in this instance would the stress that is placed upon the body. The body makes a choice when exposed to this stress to either protect the extremities or the internal organs and brain. The body makes a choice to reroute the blood and protect the internal organs and the brain. This is why people exposed to the cold for long periods of time may lose a part of the body. The body can live without a hand or foot, but not without all the internal organs or the brain. The health of the body and energy is regulated through the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). We can access responses or changes in the ANS through what is common referred to as muscle testing. Any muscle in the body can be used. The part of the body and muscle group that is commonly used for testing is in the arm near the deltoid muscle. Either by standing or lying down, the arm is extending perpendicularly to be used for testing. The practitioner places pressure against the muscle response. The person being tested matches or resists the pressure of the practitioner. The person being tested normally is able to “lock” the muscle into place and resist the pressure. If the practitioner takes his/her hand and places it again the heart for example, this measures the reflex of energy over that particular place of the body. Like the cold in hypothermia, the stress of having the pressure of the hand over the heart acts as a stress as well. If the body is energetically weak in the heart, the body will make a choice to protect the heart over the strength that is being used to keep a muscle locked. If this happens, we know that this area of the body may need attention. If the arm is able to maintain a locked muscle while the stress is over the heart, then we know that the heart is testing energetically strong. Through NRT, we scan the whole body by placing pressure over the reflex areas of each part of the body that correspond to each organ or gland. When areas of weakness are discovered the body can tell us what is the most critical area of the body that needs the most support.

What is the Autonomic Nervous System?

The Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) is the control system for the whole body and for the body to function properly the ANS must be functioning properly. In every person I have tested the ANS is functioning at a sub optimal level. The ANS is divided into further systems – parasympathetic and sympathetic. These two systems can be easily thought of as the gas pedal and the brake pedal in the body. The parasympathetic aspect of the ANS dominates when you rest. It is the part of the system that helps to rebuild and repair the body on a daily basis. The sympathetic dominates when you are up and are active. The extreme function of the sympathetic aspect is what activates the fight or flight response and is most active as a response to stress. As a part of Nutrition Response Testing we used what is called and HRV test that actually helps to give us a visual reading of the health the ANS.

What is Health Express Analysis (HRV)?

The HRV was designed by a Russian Doctor by the name of Alexander Riftine. The program was especially designed to give a picture of the health of the ANS. It measures both the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems and gives a reading as to the health and functioning of each system while one is lying down and standing up. It is a non invasive test where the one being tested does virtually nothing except lie down and stand up at various intervals of testing. The test lasts from 5-8 minutes long. It is the functioning of the autonomic nervous system that acupuncture, chiropractic and homeopathy rely on to bring about change in the health of the body. The HRV also provides the user with a score at the end, which will allow the one being tested to see how old physiologically their body is (versus chronological and actual age) and also how well the body adapts to changes between the two parts of the ANS. The software also helps identify when there is confusion is the nervous system that prevents it from operating correctly. Nutrition Response Testing helps to remove those barriers naturally, which opens the body up for healing.

Who can benefit from NRT?

Everyone, both young and old. We can test infants and toddlers all the way up to those beyond 80 years of age. How do you know your body has all the right nutrients it needs to function optimally? In objective terms, you don’t know. How do you know what your body even needs to function optimally? Again, unless you are tested you will not know this. Even if you are a professional athlete and feel fantastic, your body still needs the right nutrients to function most optimally. Nutrition Response Testing can help to identify your needs and work on disease prevention. We don’t get the necessary nutrients through our food any longer due to the depletion of the soil. Through regular testing you can help to avoid disease and prevent illness throughout your lifetime.

What health conditions can NRT address?

What improvements do people normally see? In about half of the people we see, they begin to see great results within the first month of being tested and starting a health improvement program. However, most people see results within 2-6 months after starting a program. If you have spent 20, 30 or 40 years with bad health practices and have had health problems accumulate throughout this time, healing is not going to occur in days or even weeks. I always tell patients that the road to good health is a marathon, and not a sprint. You have to be able to stick with a program. In this program we also work with you from a diet point of view and help you to change your lifestyle and eating habits, which is the most important part of the program.

What is Designed Clinical Nutrition?

If a 23-year-old male and 60-year-old female both are tested and the weakest reflex they have is the heart, how do you determine if there are underlying causes as to why the heart is energetically weak? Those underlying problems will most likely be different for each individual. Even if the same supplement helped to make the heart energetically strong again, is the daily dose the same for both individuals? The truth is that we all have different needs and a suggested recommended amount is almost never the right amount for anyone. A scientifically verifiable and repeatable method like NRT should be used to determine nutritional needs for everyone. This will ensure that each person is getting the exact daily amount of nutrients they need to be able to handle any health challenge so healing can occur most effectively. Designed Clinical Nutrition is a way to identify nutritional needs for each person, what exact whole food supplements are needed to correct the problem and also a way for the body to tell how much of each supplement is needed on a daily basis to be able to handle the challenge.

What are Whole Food Supplements?

A whole food supplement is one that actually comes from real sources such as food. Our bodies were designed specifically for food and natural things in order to function optimally. A synthetic supplement is one that is made in a laboratory through artificial means. It has been scientifically proven that whole food and synthetic supplements are completely different and also have different effects on the body. In nature, you find nutrients together with other and different nutrients. In synthetic supplements you have isolated nutrients in very large amounts. It makes logical sense that our bodies were designed to have food and not synthetic supplements that were created in a lab. Thinking what science has made has improved upon what God made for the body is ludicrous. In my experience, 95% of all synthetic supplements test negative with the body. In other words, the body knows the differences and can let a practitioner know if it wants that substance or not. It is also my opinion that in the long-term synthetic supplement do harm rather than good. So if you are taking something like Centrum or another synthetic vitamin(s), its effect on the body is nothing and at worst it is damaging.

How long will I have to take the supplements for?

The real answer to this question is simply when the body no longer tests for it. When the body no longer needs a specific supplement, it will no longer test for it. The body will let you know. However, since it take a good 6 month to help most people heal, certain supplements maybe used throughout this time period. Other supplements, like a whole food multivitamin, is something that most people tend to need for the rest of their life, in order that the body gets a wide range of nutrients that are needed to function well on a daily basis.

The Five Stressors >

Stressors are what practitioners of Nutrition Response Testing call those things that directly affect the health of the nervous system and the body. These are what are we find to be the things that are the underlying causes that lie behind many health problems. Let me give you an example of one very common problem that I find in the office.

Disease = Toxicity & Deficiency >

Toxicity is the a state of being infested and overwhelemed with materials that are known to cause problems in the body, specifically to the central nervous system. The body has filtering systems to be able to deal with the toxins that it is exposed too. However, when these systems become overloaded, toxins can accumulate in the body and cause hundreds of different symptoms and lead to chronic disease.

Dr. Scott’s NRT Experience >

Everyone has aches, pains and health issues, however minor or major they may be. For many people, seeing someone who practices Nutrition Response Testing is first and foremost about preventing disease. Most people think, “I feel fine, so there is no need to see a doctor.” WRONG! Most disease takes years to develop in the body without us knowing? Wouldn’t you feel better knowing you did everything to prevent disease?

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