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Traditional Chinese Medicine is a system of concepts and ideas which composes one of the most advanced and complete understanding of how the human body works, how it heals, promoting longevity and ultimately preventing disease. It has been in existence for 5000 years. It is a system that deal with the whole body including the physical, soul and spirit parts of who we are.

Chinese medicine and its practitioners have known for thousands of years that health is not isolated to just a specific part of the body, but can also be related to the environment, ones surroundings, the emotions one has and ultimately how connected someone is to the divine. In this way, disease and sickness occur when things are out of balance in the body. True health and prosperity is achieved in balance. This balance is explained in the idea of Yin/Yang.

On these pages you can find one to two pages written on each topic that will help to give you a base understanding of what the various aspects are within Chinese Medicine.

Yin Yang >

Essential to understanding Chinese Medicine is knowing what the philosophy is behind the medicine. As previously mentioned, the idea of Yin and Yang is critical for seeing how this system of thoughts and beliefs developed. Everything in this world has an opposite. The opposite of hot is cold. You cannot define the one without the other. The one cannot really exist with the other. The other helps to give it definition. This idea applies to the body.

What is Qi (chi)?

Qi (chi) could be best described as our life force. In raw terms it is energy. In a very crude way, the thought of energy in the body can be likened to gasoline in a car. Without the gasoline, the car is lifeless, still and unmovable. In the same what, one can have a dead body, but what keeps it alive is vital energy, which many believe to compose what we would call the soul. Nevertheless, if you have gasoline in a car, you can manipulate that energy to bring about differences actions in the car, such as speeding up and slowing down.

Herbal Treatment >

The impact of herbs upon the body are astounding and have been used for millenia to help heal the body and restore balance. Most of the substances used are from plants but you will find things used that are a part of nature, but fall outside of what would be considered things grown from the ground. Herbs have a an effect upon the body to support, strengthen the body own ability to restore balance. One of the herbs that is used in Chinese Medicine for an actual centipede.

 Cupping >

Cupping is a form of therapeutic massage is used for various purposes in the system of Chinese Medicine. Glass cups of various sizes are used. It is actually considered reverse massage because instead of placing pressure on and pushing on the skin, the skin is forced up into the cup through a pressure change. Cupping is very relaxing and is beneficial for many ailments.

Diet & Food Therapy >

The food that we eat is the basis of health and maintaining balance within the body. Many things that we eat today are substances that are constantly pulling our bodies out of balance. According to various tastes and actions, each food is considered to have an effect on the body. Milk, for example, is one of the staples foods of the American diet and is seen as being food for us. In Chinese Medicine, milk and milk products are very damp producing food.

Tui Na >

Tui Na is a form of massage that is similar to acupressure. It is used to get Qi moving and to promote balance within the channels of energy of the body. Different techniques are used to bring about this effect on the body. The literal meaning of Tui Na is to “push and grasp”. The use of Tui Na has proven to be very beneficial for managing pain and injury due to training.

Qi Gong >

Qi Gong is a practice various things including coordination of the breath (breathing), movement and awareness, which ultimately leads on to understand the deeper realms of consciousness that exists in the world. Many people like to think of Qi Gong as meditation. Meditation is part of it, but Qi Gong is so much broader than this. The benefits of Qi Gong and meditative practice have been recently studied and the results and effects on the body are miraculous.

Acupuncture >

Acupuncture originated in China and has been used throughout history for more than 200o years. Understanding acupuncture requires knowing a little about the philosophies and ideas that are the foundation of Chinese Medicine. Acupuncture has been scientifically proven to work for a wide variety of health conditions and problems. In fact, new instrumentation has recently been used that has measured “energy” that is over known acupuncture points and it has also been proven that more energy exists at these places on the body than on other parts of the body.

As you can see, Chinese Medicine is a very complete system that deals with life on every level and has been developed for the better part of 5000 years. If it didn’t work to help people achieve balance, health and prosperity, it would have been abandoned long ago.

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