Dr. Scott’s NRT Experience

Getting on a Nutrition Response Testing protocol is the number one way to prevent and heal disease.

Whether you are a 1 year old, 40 years old or 80 years old, Nutrition Response Testing can help you!

Everyone has aches, pains and health issues, however minor or major they may be.  For many people, seeing someone who practices Nutrition Response Testing is first and foremost about preventing disease.  Most people think, “I feel fine, so there is no need to see a doctor.”  WRONG!  Most disease takes years to develop in the body without us knowing?  Wouldn’t you feel better knowing you did everything to prevent disease?  7 out of every 10 people get cancer or heart disease in the USA.  Are you going to be one of those people?  Statistically, the odds are not in your favor and you are not invincible.  Even if you feel great, getting on a NRT protocol can be the number one thing that prevents you from getting sick in the future.

How do you know that your body is not toxic to some degree?

How do you remove mercury in the body once it has poisoned you?

How do you deal with food sensitivities?

Why do you continue to gain weight year after year?  And no, it is not just because you are getting older :).

How do you know that you are doing everything possible to avoid what 7 out of every 10 people get (cancer and heart disease)?

Do you know how to have superior health for your whole life?

I didn’t have a lot of symptoms because as a naturopath, I have an extremely healthy lifestyle.  Nonetheless, here are some of the symptoms that I had.   About two years ago I began getting stiffness in my right knee and right elbow.  Also, on a scale from 1 to 10 I would have rated my energy at a 7.  Therefore my energy wasn’t as high as I would have liked.  Lastly, I have had low back pain (1/10) for the better part of twenty years, that came about from a diving accident I had when I was younger.   Low back pain in Chinese medicine is a fairly serious matter as this area  of the body is seen as the pivotal place where the vitality of the body begins, where the “energy” of the body is manufactured.  If low pain is there, than this can have an overall affect on the entire body.

My symptom summary = low energy, low back pain, stiffness in joints.

Here was the results of my visits and program over the first six weeks of starting on a Nutrition Response Testing (the most critical moment):

Visit #1:  In my first visit my autonomic nervous system (ANS) was blocked (body not able to properly heal) due to a small parasite. My body scan indicated a weak heart reflex as well. I was tested and my body liked a few products to address these issues.  One product was to address the parasite, one for drainage to avoid a healing crisis, and one whole food supplement to strengthen my heart.   Side note:  If you are skeptical even after reading, it is really hard just to make this stuff up folks, especially when you yourself can feel the change in energy in the reflex of your own muscle and how the energy from whole food supplements affects your energy.

Visit #2:   My heart tested stronger already within the first week.  In NRT you can check progress on individual organ progress as well.  We found a second layer my body wanted to address.   My ANS was still blocked, but this week it was for a different reason.  This week it was due to underlying heavy metal that was causing problems with my body daily ability to heal properly. Interestingly, behind most immune challenges (my small parasite) is heavy metal toxicity.  My body tested for mercury.   I had my dental amalgams removed about 3 years previous and the mercury was still in my body and causing problems.   Once a heavy metal such as mercury or aluminum gets into the body, it does not come out, unless you give it specific help.  We added two products to my program, one to help restore my parotid gland and draw out the mercury from my system (critical for digestion and immune function) and another to actually help remove the mercury from my body.

Visit #3: We found a third layer.   My ANS was switched (confused – meaning when my body is supposed to be rebuilding and repairing, it is going.  When it is going, it wants to build and repair) this time, not blocked, due to a large parasite.  Almost always large parasites (the ones that actually lay the eggs) can be found behind small parasites.  One practitioner calls it the mafia boss parasite.  When testing my joint stiffness this week, we discovered that it was related to 5 scars that I have on my body (belly button – the first “scar” we get in life, circumcision scar, head injury scar, hand scar from getting cut with a knife and a rollerblading scar on my other hand).   Scars often disrupt the ANS and absorb energy like a capacitor and even if they have “healed” physically the body may not view them this way energetically.   We added another product for the large parasite and one to help deeply heal the scars.  My heart tested even stronger this week and also the mercury concentration was tested and was found to be less than the previous week.  My body was already starting to pull the mercury out.

Visit #4:  No further layers were found.  My program was fine tuned, product doses were adjusted as needed and the visit was short and sweet.  My heart was tested at the level it normally should be at in people who don’t have heart weakness.  My mercury levels were even less this week.

Visit #5:  We discovered another layer by accident, that never would have been discovered unless I would have told the practitioner.  I listened to my own body and the practitioner found the problem.   I brought up my low back pain to see if something was going on.  While being tested lying down nothing showed up.  My doctor suggested I sit up, which accesses the sympathetic nervous system as opposed to the parasympathetic nervous system.  Upon sitting my kidney area showed up weak.  The stressors were heavy metals and scars.  The culprit was not only mercury but gold that was found in the kidney as well (probably from gold jewelry).  We tested the other scars that I currently was working on and some tested positive.  Nutritional kidney support was added to help heal this area of the body.  My heart tested good and my mercury levels are continuing to drop.

Visit #6:  I wanted to test for everything.  We tested for my thyroid, and even performed an extra stress test and nothing showed up.  We tested my eyes.  I mean who doesn’t want better eye sight?  I fully believe eyesight can improve naturally without the use of surgery.  Nothing showed up.  We tested what I think was a small tear in my rotator cuff area and it tested weak and was related to scars that I am already working on.   So here is summary of the first six weeks of my program and my progress.  My energy levels have improved.   The mercury and gold are being removed from my body.    My joint stiffness has been reduced significantly.  My heart is happier now that it is getting the genuine replacement parts it truly needs.   The awesome things is that I know what I am doing something that not only is helping with my health symptoms, but will help to prevent disease in the future.  What kind of a price tag can you put on that?

A client or patient should be encouraged to leave nothing out.  Every single issue in your body may present itself as a barrier to healing, even the smallest of things.  The body has the tremendously ability to be able to heal itself and it knows exactly what do to when given the right tools/nutrients.  Your diet is the most critical part of healing.  If you do know follow the practitioners advice with regards to diet, you will severely reduce you ability to heal more rapidly.

My program grew at first and I was taking 11 different products at the same time to handle various things that came up during testing from week to week over the next 3 months.  Since this time, I feel phenomenal.   It took about 5 months to fully pull all of the mercury from my system.  It generally takes about 6-9 months to heal an organ or gland.  My immune challenges took about 4 months to heal.  Now I am taking some maintenance products to maintain the great progress I have seen so far.  For most people, healing minor and some major health issues can take 6-12 months.

Nothing I have used, experienced or come across, can help identify and give the body what it needs in such a powerful way.  Nutrition Response Testing is something I would highly encourage you to do as a way to prevent and heal disease.

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