Disease = Toxicity & Deficiency

What is the cause of almost all disease?  

Disease is not a mystery.  Lets take what seems to be obsure to most people and make it plain and simple.  Naturopath’s believe that if the body has the right supplies or materials it can heal itself of almost anything.  The two causes to most disease are toxicity and deficiency.  Here is the awesome news. If you are toxic, you can cleanse.  If you are deficient, you can replenish.  No one person or one thing heals anyone.  The body heals itself and is itself the cure.  Different substances and modalities just provide the body with what it needs.   So fighting disease is needing the right tools to find out how toxic someone is, what specific toxins are and what nutrients are needed so that body can begin the process of healing.

What is toxicity? 

Toxicity is the a state of being infested and overwhelemed with materials that are known to cause problems in the body, specifically to the central nervous system.   The body has filtering systems to be able to deal with the toxins that it is exposed too.  However, when these systems become overloaded, toxins can accumulate in the body and cause hundreds of different symptoms and lead to chronic disease.  The is not a new concept.  In ancient Rome, it is suggested that the water pipes were made of lead and this lead to the poisoning to the people, leading to infertility and even “madness” in some.

At this point, you may say to yourself, “I don’t really expose myself to many toxins, so this couldn’t possibly be a problem for me.”  EVERY single person without exception that I test in the office has either one or more heavy chemicals or metals that are directly affecting the health of the body and the nervous system.  Patients tell stories all the time of how someone they know “got” cancer, and are shocked and ask “Why me?!”.

How do we accumulate toxins in the body?

We are all toxic to some degree.  Let me explain how.  How is it that someone could “get” cancer?  I normally ask people a series of what may seem to be strange questions.

Do you shower in regular water that comes from the city or municipality?

Do you use shower soap?

Do you use shampoo and conditioner?

Do you use deodorant?

Do you use toothpaste?

Do you use perfume or cologne?

Asking these questions seem absurd, but their relevance is critical for understanding how we get disease.  ALL of the regular products that most people use contain TONS of toxic chemicals.  Can you even pronounce the names of some of the ingredients in most health care products.  These are toxic chemicals!  They are made in a laboratory and are not natural.  When you shower, you open the pores of the skin to be able to absorb these chemicals that much faster.  It is not wonder that after 10, 20, 30 or 50 years of exposure to these and many other toxic chemicals, that the body eventually gets overwhelmed and just like a drain that gets clogged, the body gets “clogged” and can no longer deal with and fight against the effects of these substances.  It is at this point that the body gives you bill after all of this abuse and the bill comes in the form of disease.  You must now pay the bill with the disease that you have unknowingly worked for.

What kind of an effect do toxins have on the body?

Mercury is one of the most toxic and brutal of all substances that the body is exposed too.  Where do we get most of our exposure to mercury from?  Dental amalgams/fillings and vaccinations (thermisol).  If you have had either one of these, you have been exposed to very toxic levels of mercury.  Dont be fooled, your dentist or the government may tell you that fillings are safe 4 inches from your brain.  This doesnt even make one lick of logical sense.  An electronic device can be used to measure mercury vapor given off from fillings and the vapor given off is many times recongnized safe levels.  Mercury exposure can cause all sorts of problems, and new research has been shown to link mercury poisoning to the following list of things: Balance problems, hearing loss, vertigo (dizziness), compromised thinking ability, Bell’s Palsy, shingles, epilepsy, motor neuron disease (ALS), muscle twitching, convulsions, Lou Gehrig’s Disease, and Multiple Sclerosis.  Mercury causes many other symptoms and problems.

Again, the good news is that mercury and other toxic metals and chemicals can be pulled and cleansed from the body safely.  I use a number of fairly inexpensive products to help the body detoxify from these life taking substances.

What is deficiency?

Not only is toxicity a major contributor to disease, but toxicity combined with nutritional deficiency is a recipe for disaster.  Lets face it, most of us are vitally deficient in nutrients if we are honest with ourselves.  Even if we eat all the right things, the food that we have today just isnt enough.  The food is grown on nutrient deficient soil which reaps nutrient deficient food.  Our bodies need a special combination of nutrients to be able to function optimally.  If we dont get these nutrients, we will not function optimally.  Removing toxins is not enough.  Our bodies need good nutriton to be able to rebuild and repair properly.  This is the most critical aspect for restoring and maintaining good health.  McDonalds, Burger King, Taco Bell and eating lots of animal products will NOT lead down the road to health and healing.  Sorry folks.  Healing will involve giving up those beloved buffalo wings.

To find out more about what we should ideally be eating and how restore lost nutrition that they body desperately needs, follow these links about diet, lessing your toxic load, juicing and detoxification.   When you understand what truly causes most disease, you can become informed and takes the necessary steps to be able to take your health into your own hands.  This is exactly what I did.  Before I became a doctor, I didn’t have the slightest clue about anything from a health standpoint and I learned all by myself.

Nutrition Response Testing is the tool I used to help identify specifically what toxins are harming the body and what what whole food nutrition can begin to help the body heal.

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