Psychokinesiology – Doorway to the Unconscious Mind

A fascinating tool to help us “see” into our mind and unconscious is psychokinesiology.  In our modern world, we are conditioned to believe that most things that happen to us from a health perspective have a physical cause or origin.  We get a stomach problem, such as gastritis, and instantly think it must be because of a physical cause.  Yet, we are so much more than physical beings.  Many times, we may not heal fully because we haven’t entertained the idea that what is driving our health problem may not be physical at all.  Let’s take this stomach issue even further.

I had a patient that developed extreme stomach issues resulting in pain, nausea and at times even vomiting.  Avoiding certain foods helped such as dairy, sugar and wheat, but the problem only intensified over time.  The consciousness or emotions related to the stomach have to do with rejection.  If the stomach “rejects” something violently enough you will vomit.  Rejecting something, such as a food, is the body way of trying to protect us.

Looking even further into this patient’s history, the stomach problems started immediately after bullying started at her school at the age of 10.  When you are being bullied, the body can emotionally interpret this as rejection.  Rejection, as an emotion, affects the stomach more than any other place in the body.  You are not being accepted by someone or multiple people and as a result of this, your stomach manifests a problem to get you to pay attention to a deep fear you have of being rejected by others.  Psychokinesiology can be used to uncover what is in the unconscious such as rejection and bring this into the conscious mind.  When we become conscious of something, we then have the ability to be able to respond and change something.  We can then have the opportunity to heal.

Psycho comes from the Greek word for soul.  Our “soul” is our mind or the emotions and thought structures that we believe about ourselves and hold onto inside.  Kinesiology is a tool or feedback mechanism that can help to discover what thoughts and emotions may be affecting us or contributing to a health problem we have.  This tool also uses a protocol to help these thoughts and emotions release from the body.  When this occurs, often times, the physical body can heal.  What heals on the level of mind, can instantly translate into physical healing through the body.  For this patient, when the rejection was released, the stomach issues instantly resolved.  She was able to start loving and accepting herself.  This love and acceptance is what truly healed her stomach.

Psychokinesiology identifies the thought patterns, the emotions related to those thought patterns and the context where such thing started for the first time.  Twenty three different categories of thought forms are in the Psychokinesiology protocol.  In these categories are things like motivation, flexibility, success, failure, lack, limitation, control issues, and self confidence.  Within each category can be anywhere from 3 to 30 different thought patterns related to each category.  The thoughts are identified using kinesiology.  Next, the negative emotions are discovered that are driving these thought patterns.  Other pieces of vital information are also identified such as ages and people that are related to these thoughts and emotions.

When all of this information is gathered, through the Psychokinesiology protocol, these negative emotions and thoughts can be transformed into positive ones.  This helps the physical body to heal and our internal patterns to shift.  All of what comes up during the Psychokinesiology process can then be talked about and processed further after it is completed.  The process doesn’t take very long and all this information can be gathered within 5-15 minutes usually.  Clinically, it can be done in conjunction with other things during an hour long session.

You can purchase the book on Psychokinesiology by Dr. Alexander Holub online.  It is a very interesting read.  It was developed by two doctors.  If this is something that resonates with you or you are curious about it, please contact Dr. Scott at 407-255-0314 to set up an appointment.  If you are not in the Orlando, Florida area, phone consultations are available as well.

Psychokinesiology - Doorway to the Unconscious Mind

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