Emotional Freedom Techniques

Emotional Freedom Techniques or Tapping

The tool that helped me to heal from 11 years of heavy depression is Emotional Freedom Techniques or Tapping.  The title for the modality sums it up well.  It is a tool that is used to help you be free from the emotions that are causing you problems in your life.  It is mixture of modern psychology, a deep understanding of how emotions affect the human body, acupuncture points and Chinese medicine.  Did you know that emotions can be the literal root cause of why we may have a chronic health problem?

Chinese medicine has a rich understanding of how emotions affect the health of the body.  In fact, while this is the hardest for many to believe in modern society, emotions are at the heart and center of why many people have chronic health problems.  We don’t realize how the horrible memory of something that happened to us 20 or 30 years ago can literally be manifesting into our physical body in this moment.  This happens because it is our body’s only way of getting our attention to focus on what is inside of us that is not healed and is destroying our health.  A symptom or feeling in the body is our body’s warning system to get us to pay attention to our inner emotional reality.   Negative emotions do not support life and can cause disease.  Positive emotions, especially love, self-acceptance and forgiveness are deeply healing when they are experienced.

I have helped so many people identify memories from long ago, and when they are processed through and the emotions are released from those memories, the physical body is able to heal very powerfully.  Emotional Freedom Techniques or tapping does not cure or heal anyone of anything.  When someone surrenders or let’s go of these emotions that they have been carrying around for decades, the body is able to heal itself.  It may be hard to believe unless you see it or experience it for yourself.

Using Emotional Freedom Techniques or Tapping, when I processed through a memory I had at the age of four and another one at the age of 21 and I let go of all the very painful emotions in each of those memories, the 11 years of depression I had was instantly gone.  From one moment to the next, all the pain of those 11 years was gone.  It is very possible to heal quickly from depression and anxiety.

This tool uses acupuncture points on the body, also known as neurovascular nodes, to balance the body.  By tapping on a sequence of acupuncture points while interacting with and allowing one to feel the emotions that are presenting as problematic, healing can begin.  By tapping on these points while bringing up the emotions, thoughts and belief systems that are in these memories, they are able to be released once and for all.  People almost always say that they feel “peaceful” or “much lighter” after processing through things.

Emotional Freedom Techniques or Tapping can be used on almost anything because behind every situation in life are emotions influencing it all.  If you have relational problems, releasing the emotions you frequently feel can shift everything.  Sensations in the body are the subjective expression of emotions in the body.  Any pain or physical sensation can be “tapped” on, often times for very quick relief.  If you have financial issues, creating awareness around the emotions and belief systems you have and tapping on them can help to heal financial issues as well.

For example, if you grew up with a mentality of lack and fear around money, this is going to manifest into your reality.  What we see “out there” in the world is mostly a reflection of what we are holding onto “in here”.  I grew up believing that money doesn’t grow up on trees (when in fact it actually does) and constantly being told that “we don’t have the money for that, Scott.”  Behind these beliefs were lack, fear, shame, and a poverty mentality surrounding money.  How can you allow yourself to have abundance when your emotions and belief systems are run by lack, never having enough and fear about money?    By surrendering these emotions, belief systems and the memories in which they formed, I no longer see the world through eyes of lack and fear.  I now allow abundance to find its way in my life because I FEEL much differently about money now.

Whether you have a health, relationship, work or other kind of problem, Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping can be used shift what is inside of you.  When you shift what is inside of you, this gives life the freedom to shift everything outside of you, including your health.  This is much different that counseling and therapy.  You can talk and talk about your problems or emotions, but releasing them is a whole different experience altogether.  If you know that you are holding onto emotions from your past and would like to release them and heal, Dr. Scott would be honored to work with you.  Whether you are in the Orlando, Florida area or are elsewhere, call Dr. Scott at 407-255-0314 to set up a local or phone distance consultation today.

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