Non-Duality Part 2 – Dr. Scott’s Story

Brad Interviews Dr. Scott Part 2 – Dr. Scott’s Personal Story into Non -Duality – Podcast Notes

Non-duality is beyond thought, emotions, concepts, judgments, positions, opinions, and belief systems.  Non-duality is All That Is.  Only with words can we talk conceptionally about it, but since it is beyond form and concepts, words and form just simply point in the direction of what it is.  Non-duality is state of beingness that is something that you are becoming and already are.  It is truly a beautiful paradox.  We all are becoming Love (though it may not appear this way), yet already are it.    This podcast discusses how Dr. Scott stumbled into non-duality as he started asking questions about his own traditional religious experience and how to get relief for his own suffering.

3:35 – What brought Scott into exploration of non-duality

4:45 – Why Scott dropped into a deep depression

5:20 – What was all the suffering for?  Why did the deep depression happen?

7:30 – God abandoned me and I was livid!

8:45 – How the sting of a bee was the pain that started it all

11:15 – Emotions are the primary cause of health problems

11:40 – What is Emotional Freedom Techniques (Tapping)?

12:55 – What is devotional non-duality?  (Dr. David Hawkins)

13:10 – What is applied kinesiology and how it can be used to test things?

14:50 – Applied Kinesiology is a tool to find out any truth – revolutionary.

16:10 – Nothing causes anything to happen.

16:50 – Why is all suffering just an illusion?

18:10 – Reconciling Christianity and non-duality – is it possible?

18:55 – What is sin?  No one seems to know!  How does one know at all times if sin is occurring?

22:30 – Why would I not want heaven right now?   Why not take a gun and get there now??

24:10 – Not finding answers to my suffering in Christianity – Am I doing something wrong?

25:30 – What does it mean to be invited into synchronicity?

28:40 – Why I didn’t want to be a hypocrite by going into the church?

30:40 – God is always present, even in the absence.

32:40 – When God is less externalized and more internalized

34:50 – Having a personal God vs. experiencing the personal nature of divinity from within

36:15 – There is no self, there’s nowhere to go, nothing to do.

38:20 – Moving beyond words and form.

40:15 – What does it mean to resolve the misunderstanding of life?

41:02 – Who am I?  What am I doing here?

45:00 – Let go of your suffering and your intuitive knowingness about life will develop naturally.

48:10 – Joy is so much more amazing than happiness within consciousness.

50:10 – Health problems get us to question our reality and force us to grow.

51:25 – Dr. Hawkins healed from 27 different health conditions by doing one simple thing.

56:10 – All suffering is an illusion and can be surrendered.

58:44 – The majority of humanity is running away from their suffering, perpetuating more suffering.

1:03:45 – How does Divine Grace move itself into our reality?

1:06:45 – How is the prescription of suffering the reality or doorway into consciousness?

1:07:45 – What is The Sedona Method?

1:10:01 – What happens when the stuff you have been doing is not working for you?

1:13:40 – What does it mean when we don’t want to give up certain foods?

1:15:45 – Why athletes can be very unhealthy people in the world today in spite of exercising?

1:17:01 – The acupuncture system is an electrical system and regulating this system balances electrical activity in the body.

1:20:45 – Why is everything spiritual?

1:23:30 – Religion to spirituality to life itself, a wonderful progression beyond fear.

1:27: 25 – How does one live in and melt into the heart of Christ?

1:28:59 – James Fowler and the 6 stages of faith – most people in the religious experience are in the 3rd stage of faith.  How does one move beyond this?

1:31:59 – I didn’t agree with the tribe and I was forced out of the tribe – how I can kicked out of a small group.

1:34:30 – Who will I be outside the tribe?  What will I become?  Will God accept or reject me?

1:37:01 – Is Christianity inclusive or exclusive?  Does it really reflect love when it is an in or out tribal reality?


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