Natural Remedy For Sunburn and General Skin Issues

Recently, I played in an outdoor racquetball tournament in New Smyrna Beach, Florida in the middle of August. The Florida sun in the summer is brutally hot.  Consequently, after being without a shirt on and playing for 5 hours straight, my skin was lobster red.  I was burned pretty good.  Normally, when I go out in the sun, I don’t expose my skin for longer than 30-45 minutes and if I am going to be in the sun longer, I try to cover up most of my body, in spite of it being hot.  I do not use regular sunscreen, due to how horribly toxic it is for the skin.  Regular conventional sunscreen has so many toxins in it, and it is actually a contributor to skin cancer.  Organic sunscreen is available these days (and I would recommend it if you do need it), but even then I almost never get burned because I am closely watching the amount of time I spend in direct sunlight.

As a result of being burned, everyone around me commented on how bad of a burn this was.  I wasn’t worried.  I know that with the right supplementation and an understanding of how to cool my skin cells down that my skin would not be red within 1-2 days time, my skin would no longer be sensitive and things would be back to normal.

In the case of skin cancer, I continue to see so many people place blame on the sun as the primary cause.  The sun is NOT the cause of skin cancer (  In fact, the sun (vitamin D) actually prevents cancer.  No one wakes up one day and suddenly has cancer.  More than 100 years ago, Dr. John Tilden outlined a seven stage progression of disease leading to cancer.

Stage 1 – Enervation – depletion of energy (tired, sluggish, constipation, nausea, sleepy, loss of appetite).
Stage 2 – Toxemia  – exposure to pesticides in food, chemicals in skin care products and other toxins.  Our world so toxic today and people are exposed to hundreds of toxins even on a daily basis.
Stage 3 – Irritation – symptoms may include itchy skin, anxiety, depression, putting on weight, sleep issues, menstrual irregularities, headaches, minor chronic aches and pains, etc…
Stage 4 – Inflammation – if you have been diagnosed with any condition with “-itis” on the end, this is a sign that you already have signification inflammation built up in the body.
Stage 5 – Ulceration – When your pathways of elimination are so clogged up, your skin will try to make up for it.
Stage 6 – Induration – hardening of tissues to protect the body including fibroids, cysts, and tumors.
Stage 7 – Fungation (Cancer) – The body is so toxic and depleted of nutrients needed to be able to nourish the body and fight disease that abnormal growth of cells expresses and grows in the body.

Cancer just doesn’t appear overnight and so many other factors are present long before anyone gets skin cancer.  Our rates of skin cancer have skyrocketed in the past 100 years.  Our ancestors didn’t wear sunscreen and had extremely LOW rates of cancer and were in the sun much more than we are today.  Today, most people’s bodies are so toxic and nutrient depleted that the body doesn’t have what it needs to be able to use the healing power from the sun.  But, to be clear, the sun is not the problem – toxins and nutritional deficiencies are.

Natural Remedy for Sunburn

When I arrived home that evening after being burned, I took a significant amounts of Calcium Lactate Powder, and Linum-B6 (flax seed oil).  I also applied USF ointment topically to help my skin externally.  I did this for 3 days straight and by the end of the 2nd day my skin was no longer red, nor did I peel.

How does this work?

Vitamin D (which historically most people got from sun exposure) is needed to take calcium from the gut (dietary sources) and put it into the blood.  When calcium is in the blood, we need fatty acids to move it from the blood into the tissues (cells).  Calcium is arguably the coldest mineral and when sufficient amount is present, it can cool “burned” or inflamed cells down.  Many of the coldest Chinese herbal formulas have herbs that contain good amounts of calcium.  In the case where one is not in the sun, vitamin D must be supplemented to start this whole cascade of getting calcium into the cells. Calcium is a critical nutrient for the immune system as well.  So many people are deficient in vitamin D, calcium and fatty acids.  People don’t get in the sun enough these days.  The best dietary sources of calcium from leafy greens are not consumed and many don’t consume flax, cod liver oil or chia seeds to get fatty acids.  In the case of those with liver or gallbladder issues (or no gallbladder), a digestive enzyme with betaine and pepsin may needed.  Otherwise, the body may have trouble breaking down the fat from the flax or cod liver oil.

By understanding this simple progression, it is easy to see why so many people have such widespread amounts of inflammation manifesting as skin issues leading to cancer.  People are not getting just these simple nutrients so that the body has what it needs to stay healthy.  Not only this, but many people today are not eating sufficient amounts of organic vegetables and fruits, which are the most protective foods against cancer and skin issues.

Here are the ingredients that help to cool down a sunburn very quickly and also are very beneficial for good skin health in general:

  1. Digestive Enzymes – Zypan
  2. Cataplex D (vitamin D)
  3. Calcium Lactate Powder (good source of magnesium as well)
  4. Linum B6 (flaxseed oil)
  5. USF Ointment (external use)

The above supplements come from a company we use in the clinic called Standard Process and they are used because of their history of working very effectively.  Vitamin E (Cataplex E) can also be very useful in the cases of skin conditions, especially with acne.  In the handful of times I have been burned over the years, I have used the above supplements to feel better within 1-2 days.  It has worked like a charm.  Some people are so nutritionally deficient and toxic that they may need to take significantly more amounts of the above ingredients for these things to cool the cells down.  Clinically, muscle testing is used to determine the exact amounts of things needed in order to heal most effectively.

If you have a skin issue such as acne, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, or even skin cancer, the above supplements can be very helpful.  These should always be used in conjunction with a healthy diet filled with plentiful amounts of vegetables and fruits. These are not a substitute for good healthy dietary habits.  Additionally, these supplements may not necessarily deal with the accumulation of toxins in the body that often times cause cellular malfunction.  Other healing protocols and specific dietary recommendations are needed to sufficiently detoxify the body.

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