Infuriated By The Presidential Election!!!

Have you been frustrated, angry, resentful, livid or just plain infuriated by what has been happening during this presidential election?

If you have, then this post if for you.

“Your perception of me is a reflection of you.  My reaction to you is an awareness of me.”  If you reread this over and over and meditated deeply on this truth, the world would transform before you.

Most people have been paying attention only to the content of this election season such as the issues, figures, people, happenings, opinions and many other things.  This is the content of what’s happening and is comparatively unimportant compared to the context.

Within ultimate Reality, the context is the most important thing to become aware of.  The context is infinitely times more important than the content will ever be.  What is this context?

Your inner negative emotional reactions are the context.

If you are at peace or are loving within yourself, then what comes out of you is peace and love (in varying degree depending upon how much of these are actually inside of you).  If you have anger or fear inside of you, those will come out given the right stimulus in the world.  While most are paying attention to content of this election, the context is really all that matters, especially when bringing about change in the long run.

We cannot bring peace or love into the world, which has always been what changes content more than anything else, when what is coming out of us is anger or fear (or any other negative emotion).  My reaction to you is an awareness of me.  When one gets angry or is afraid (threatened) of anything, it is simply you seeing a reflection of what’s inside of you (not the other person).  The anger and fear are coming from within you.  No one is causing you to feel those things.  When we say that this person or that thing is what has “caused” to be angry, then we are giving away our power to the world or others and we are negating our responsibility to deal with what’s inside of us first and foremost.  If we blame, nothing will change inside us, and therefore the world will not change.

When you see a reflection of such things coming out of you, pay no attention to the content (arguments, opinions, issues, etc…), but pay attention to the negative emotions you experience as a result of encountering the content.  The world would be very different if we paid attention to, was mindful of and learned how to release these negative emotions from our consciousness and mind.   How we viewed the content would then radically change.

Peace and love cannot be found without, only within.  If you see a reflection of your negative emotional reaction during this election season, if you really want peace and love, make it a reality for yourself first.  As this changes within you, the way you view everything in this election season will change. If we want to be a more loving, peaceful and joyful human being, then letting go of these emotions that come out of you is the only way towards ultimate inner transformation.  Peace in the individual heart first = increasing peace in the world.

This election year has been full of hate, anger, and fear mongering.  What would happen if you decided to not contribute to this any longer by taking responsibility of what comes out of you – all the anger and fear?  The Sedona Method (Hale Dwoskin) is one of the most practical tools for personal and spiritual transformation by letting go of negative emotions I have ever witnessed and experienced.  Learn how to use it and see peace and love blossom in increasing measure inside of you.  If you would like to be taught how to use this tool, please contact me for more information or to set up a session.   May peace and love be yours in abundance this election season (and beyond).

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