Gay Lacy – Massage Therapist Extraordinaire (podcast)

Gay Lacy Massage Therapist Extraordinaire Podcast

Dr Scott Gravves

Gay Lacy has been giving massages to people almost as far back as she has memory.  She has always enjoyed using her hands to help people, ease their pain and feel better.  In this podcast, she will share about her extensive history as a massage therapist and how massage can be used to maximize our healing potential.  Many different forms of massage exist and she discusses what she has found to be very healing for the people that she works with.  If you are looking for a wonderful, intuitive, and caring massage therapist, I highly recommend Gay Lacy in Altamonte Srpings, FL.

Dr Scott Graves Podcast

3:01 – What led Gay into massage as a profession?

4:45 – What special inner giftedness allowed Gay to be able to listen to the bodies of people she worked on?

6:45 – How does intuition help in the therapeutic process?

7:20 – What are her specialties?

7:40 – What is lymph drainage?

8:13 – What is visceral manipulation?

9:17 – Gay also specializes in cranial sacral therapy, reflexology, aromatherapy, and reiki.

9:45 – What modality does Gay find to be the most healing?

10:35 – What is lymph and why is it so important?

13:10 – Why congestion in the lymph nodes can lead to health complications?

14:10 – What is the best way to move lymph?

18:45 – How does Lymph drainage differ from other forms of massage?

19:52 – What are some of the most powerful benefits of massage that people may not be aware of?

23:15 – What is one of the most misunderstood things about massage?

25:14 – What is neuro-manipulation in the context of massage?

26:35 – Does massage trigger emotional release and healing in the body?

28:20 – What are the most inspirational things that have occurred for you while being a massage therapist?

32:55 – Gay explains how massage was key to helping someone heal from macular degeneration.

35:45 – What is a good rule of thumb for how often one should get a massage?

36:59 – Massage, chiropractic and acupuncture received often would revolutionize the health of the world.

39:35 – What can people do to optimize their overall health?

47:45 – Why is getting into a theta brain state so important for our health?

48:23 – What to ask a massage therapist before working with them?

49:52 – How important is a massage therapist’s state of mind to the treatment?

52:45 – What would Gay like to see for the future of massage?

Contact Information – .  Phone: 407-718-5326.

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