Lyme Disease

Heal Lyme Disease Naturally with Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture

A marked increase of Lyme disease is expected to occur in the USA in the next 10 years.  It is a problem that modern Western medicine has no cure for and deals with in ineffective ways.  It has been confirmed that it is caused by a spirochetal bacteria of the genus Borrelia.  However, what if it was not caused by a bacteria but a virus, which is why antibiotic treatment is ineffective at best and massively destructive at worst.

Early onset of symptoms include fever headache and feeling tired, which sounds exactly like an Epstein Barr infection.  Later, symptoms can worsen into severe headaches, joint pains, heart palpitations and inability to move one or both sides of the face.  Some develop shooting pains, numbness or tingling in the arms and legs.  Modern medicine hasn’t associated these symptoms with an Epstein Barr infection but these are consistent with the virus eventually affecting the nervous system.  Therefore, perhaps what we “know” about Lyme disease has been way off course this whole time.

A complete model of medicine is one that recognizes every health problem has physical, electrical, and emotional/spiritual aspects to it.  All of them must be specifically addressed to heal from Lyme disease. For more information on this please check out The Five Levels of Healing in the Body.  Western medicine largely only deals with health in the physical body, when Chinese medicine is very quick to make us aware that we are much more than just flesh and bones.  Chinese medicine is a complete system of medicine and is powerful for most health problems.

Physical Healing of Lyme Disease

In order to rid the Epstein Barr virus from the body three things must be done.  First, inflammation must be addressed in the body through diet.  Very specific things must be eaten so the immune system can be nourished to destroy the virus.  Second, all foods that contribute to inflammation in the diet must be removed.  Third, this virus loves eating heavy metals and chemicals in the body.  These must be safely and gently removed from the body.  When these things are done, very powerful healing responses can occur.

Electrical Healing of Lyme Disease

Many people with Lyme disease have had tremendous success with acupuncture and Chinese medicine.  Acupuncture is part of the electrical system of the body, which includes the nervous system.  This is why stimulating (twisting back and forth) a needle will produce a mild electrical sensation.  Acupuncture points are found between connective tissue divides in the body.  Connective tissue is both a fantastic conductor and generator of electricity.  We can liken acupuncture to turning back the power on to a house.  When power is restored, a home regains full function.  When power is “turned” back on in the body, healing can occur.  Many amazing results have been experienced from people suffering from Lyme disease with acupuncture treatments

Emotional/Spiritual Healing of Lyme Disease

In the bible of Chinese medicine, which is a book written some 2500 years ago between an emperor of China and his chief physician, it is stated that if you heal the Shen (the mind or consciousness), then everything else in the body will balance itself (heal).  This is the most power aspect of healing that not many have considered with this problem.  It can be difficult for many to believe.  Lyme disease, like all other health problems has a specific consciousness to it, which supports its presence in the body.  The general pathological of Lyme disease is:

Oversensitive. Allowing others to influence your decisions. Feeling weakened, low in energy, threatened. Too much focus on not being good enough. Beating yourself up instead of learning from your mistakes. Surrounded by critical people who constantly judge you harshly. Low self-confidence.” (Inna Segal, The Secret Language of Your Body)

Do any of these apply to you?  Was there a point in your life when you went through something significant and negative and afterwards you began to manifest symptoms?  Negative emotions can be released from the body and changing the mind can be the path to healing.  But this goes far beyond talk therapy.  These negative emotions must be released from the body.  Clinically, various tools are used that are easy to learn and very effective.  It is entirely possible to heal.


When the whole body is addressed physically, energetically, and emotionally/spiritually, you will have the greatest chance of healing.  The best part is you do not have to be in the Orlando, FL area in order to start this process of healing.  Distance/ phone sessions are available and you can heal even if you are not here.  If this resonates with you, call Dr. Scott at 407-255-0314 to schedule your appointment to start healing from Lyme disease today.

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