Heal Hypothyroidism Naturally with Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture

Healing Hypertension Naturally with Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture

More than 50 million Americans (1 in 6.5) suffer with high blood pressure or hypertension.  It is a very common problem.  It is also one of the conditions that can respond very quickly to dietary and lifestyle changes, rather than taking drugs to mask the true underlying causes.  Most cases of hypertension are simply due to poor diet and lifestyle choices, combined with stress (emotional factors) that has gone unaddressed from the past that continues to manifest in the present moment.  Lowering blood pressure naturally is not only possible but achievable.

Every health problem has physical, electrical, and emotional/spiritual factors that when addressed together give you the best chance of truly healing from this condition.  Western medicine is focused almost exclusively on physical factors, whereas Chinese medicine focuses on healing the whole person.  Chinese medicine is a complete system of medicine that can address virtually any problem in the body.  For more information on this, please see the article The Five Levels of Healing in the Body.

Healing Physically from Hypertension

Eating the wrong kinds of food over many years is most likely the largest contributing factor to hypertension.  The foods that contribute the most are refined sugar (including organic cane sugar), artificial sweeteners, all dairy products, wheat products, soy, corn and fried food.  It is essential for those with high blood pressure to eliminate these all from the diet until blood pressure normalizes.  They are best avoided all together.  Consumption of alcohol, smoking, and refined sodium (not natural sea salt or Himalayan salt) are significant factors as well.  It is very critical that one loses weight.  For every pound of excess weight someone has, the heart has to work much harder in order to bring blood to every place in the body.

If you are overweight and consume the above foods, it would be advantageous to do a green juice fast for a significant period of time (at least 30 days).  Vegetables are the most heart protective foods that one can consume.  Getting only vegetables and some fruit for an extended period of time is perhaps the fastest way to lower blood pressure.  Please make sure you check with your medical doctor before doing something like this.  Other notable things that contribute to good heart health are garlic, hawthorne, fatty acids (flax, chia, hemp seeds), and vitamins C, D, and E.  Any kind of melon is very good for the heart as well.

Healing Electrically from Hypertension

Many studies have been conducted that indicate acupuncture has a wonderful regulating effect on blood pressure.  The acupuncture system is a part of the body’s electrical system, much like the nervous system.  This is why stimulation (twisting) of an acupuncture needle can elicit a mild electrical sensation in the body.  Acupuncture points are found along connective tissue divides in the body.  Connective tissue is piezo-electric, which means it is a wonderful generator and conductor of electricity.  Through the use of acupuncture, parts of the body can get more electricity or can be “turned on” which increases blood flow, oxygen and other life giving brain chemicals to the part of the body being stimulated.  Many have seen powerful results from this and it is highly recommended.  Multiple sessions are required in order to see maximum benefit.

Healing Emotionally from Hypertension

It has been noted that “stress” is a major factor with hypertension.  Stress is nothing other than a catch all word for negative emotions that we experience.  Chinese medicine has long recognized this and has used meditation in order to powerfully deal with this.  Now, more modern and very easy to learn methods are available to effectively deal with stress.  Hypertension, like all health problems, does carry a pathological consciousness to it.

“Hypertension (high blood pressure)—Seething inside, feeling hurt, wanting revenge. Holding on to hate, rage, and anger. Feeling too much pressure, too many demands. Wanting to be liked; trying to please others to get their attention and praise. Pushing yourself past your limit.” (Inna Segal – The Secret Language of Your Body)

Often it is seen that this must be addressed in order to truly heal from this.  Many people unconsciously deny the anger they feel inside.  Hypertension can be related to things that happened to you many years ago that you are still holding onto.  Do any of the above things resonate with you if you are honest with yourself?  Think of when the problem developed and what was going on emotionally in your life at the time.  Using consciousness based emotional releasing techniques are powerful and easy to use, but require honesty and courage to address.

When you deal with the physical, electrical and emotional/spiritual factors together, you will have the very best chance of healing.  It can take time and dedication, but many have lowered their blood pressure naturally over time.  If the above information resonates with you, please call now to 407-255-0314 to speak with Dr. Scott directly and to set up your appointment.  If you are not in the Orlando, Florida area, distance and phone sessions are available and work just as well.

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