Tui Na

What is Tui Na Massage?

Used as a very powerful form of Oriental bodywork, Tuina has been used for thousands of years in the system of Chinese medicine to alter, strengthen and cultivate qi, or the vital life force of the body. Many think of Tuina simple as another form of body massage. However, the philosophy behind this powerful tool is embodied in the philosophy that composes the whole system of Chinese medicine. Its practitioners have a comprehensive understanding of all the meridians or channels of energy that they body has and the 350+ points on the body that tap into the innate energy of the body.

Tuina literally means “grasping” or “pushing” which are two of the movements that are used when working with the energy of the body. Practitioners that are really great using this tool, have a deep understanding of Qi and also are able to understand various health issues that may be affecting various parts of the body and use their understanding to apply healing techniques to specific places on the body known to influence health for those health conditions. Many people have also said that this forms the basic understanding of modern chiropractic because as a part of this tool, manipulation techniques are used to realign the muscles and the ligaments, which affect the flow and movement of the spine and have a positive effect on the central nervous system.

While many of the techniques that are used as a part of modern massage such as shaking, percussion, kneading, rotation, friction, rocking and gliding, the purpose behind these techniques contributes to a much deeper understanding of what is going on in the body and how to influence a therapeutic result. Tuina is able to focus on very specific problems in the body. Chronic pain is one of the areas in which many people experience tremendous results. For migraines, known acupuncture points on the body can be stimulated on the head and the body that free energy flow in the meridian that can eliminate or greatly reduce pain that someone may be experiencing. Other health conditions are treated in similar ways.

Does Tui Na hurt?

It is common that during an acupuncture treatment the practitioner can use Tuina to further enhance the effect of the treatment that is being given. If you have ever been given a Shiatsu massage, many people know that all massage or body work is not necessarily pleasurable. However, Tiuna is generally less harsh and is normally described by most people as being very relaxing and at the same time being a “positive pain”. Also with a gifted practitioner and one that has a great understanding of the body, the therapeutic results with Tuina are often more potent or positive than experienced with just getting a general massage.

How long does a Tui Na treatment last?

Normally a typical session of Tuina will last anywhere between a half hour to an hour long.

How often should one have treatment to maximize results?

It is recommend that one have treatment on a weekly basis to see the desired results.

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