Whole Food Supplementation For Healing Vitiligo – Part 2

Whole Food Supplementation – Helping the Body Heal Vitiligo Naturally and Produce Pigmentation – Part 2 

In the first part of the series we discussed the basic physical health practices that are needed to give your body the foundation to promote healing and pigmentation production in the body.  Vitiligo is a condition where the body fails to produce pigmentation in the skin.  Here are some very potent supplementation protocols to help give the body the boost it needs in addition to living a healthy lifestyle.  It is encouraged that these be done in combination with a healthy lifestyle.  A supplement is just that, something meant to supplement the diet, to add to it.  If you are not doing the things mentioned in part 1, taking supplements may not have as powerful of an effect or the effect may be minimal.

Detoxification Supplementation

Heavy metals and chemicals are powerful promoters of disease today.  We have mercury in vaccines and dental amalgams.  Aluminum is found in most antiperspirants.  Food is in tin cans.  Most people wake up and expose their bodies to HUNDREDS of toxic chemicals found in skin products such as shampoo, conditioner, shaving creams, body soap, toothpaste, deodorants, perfume/cologne, makeup and many more.  Our skin absorbs everything and over time these substances damage our organs, hormone glands, muscle, tissue and our skin.  After reducing exposure to such things with the use of organic health products, we need to remove these substances from the body.  They don’t come out easily, so we have to help the body to pull them out.  Detoxification may be a critical part of your body’s ability to produce skin pigment.

In the clinic we use the following products for detoxifying from heavy metals and chemicals.

  1. Organic cilantro (concentrated).  Cilantro is one of the most powerful natural chelators.  A chelator is something that “claws” onto these substances and helps remove them safely from the body.  We use spagyric concentrated drops, which are very effective.
  2. Parotid PMG – This actually helps to rebuild the parotid gland in the mouth, which not only helps with digestion, but is a powerful help in detoxifying the body.  This is one we use the most.
  3. Cholacol II – Along with Parotid PMG, cholacol II is essential in helping the body to safely take out toxins through the large intestines.  It is a wonderful detoxifier.
  4. Homeopathics.  We use a variety of products that are targeted for either metal or chemical detoxification needs.

These are just a few of the things we use to help the body to cleanse itself.  Even if you don’t have any particular health condition, due to how toxic our world is today, taking such products is a great way to ensure future health.

Pigmentation Production Supplementation  

The body needs raw materials and endocrine support in order to be able to produce the pigment that the skin needs.  Here are some things we have found very useful in supporting this process.

  1. Protein support. We use a high grade protein support product to ensure that the body has enough tyrosine for pigment production.
  2. Enzymatic support.  We use a special product to support tyrosinase to free the tyrosine to make the adrenal and thyroid hormones necessary to make pigmentation.
  3. Endocrine rebuilders.  The thyroid and adrenals glands needs to be functioning optimally to be able to produce hormone involved in the process of pigmentation.  Americans have record numbers of thyroid issues (hypothyroidism) and adrenal fatigue today.  Helping to rebuild these glands is critical.
  4. Epithelial support.  The skin itself needs whole food support and this provides support directly for the skin.
  5. Fatty acids.  Fatty acids provide raw materials needed to make hormones.
  6. Other support factors.  Vitiligo may not be the only health issue you have, so other things may be needed in order to provide you with the full materials necessary for supporting your body.

People differ from each other and may not require the same supplementation or amounts as others.  The key is to get a tailor made whole food supplementation protocol specifically designed for you.  This can be achieved through Nutrition Response Testing that can be done in person or at a distance in order to determine what you need.  A full health consultation should also be done in order to determine what is best for you.  This can be done at a distance if this interests you or in person in Orlando at the clinic.  Please call to make an appointment over the phone.

Through having an optimal healthy physical lifestyle and by taking the right whole food supplementation, your skin can have what it needs to produce what is necessary for full body health.  It is highly encouraged you do both.  However, we are not done there.  The Chinese have been helping people successfully for thousands of years.   The Chinese not only addressed lifestyle factors and performed acupuncture but have powerful herbal products taken both internally and applied externally that have yielded powerful results with this condition.

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