The study of movement, otherwise known as kinesiology is in some places a regulated health profession that is used in rehabilitation, physical and occupational therapy, and in the sport and exercise world. Applied kinesiology or muscle response testing is an off shoot that is a very powerful tool that can be used as a way to look at imbalances that may be causing dis-ease in the body. Many alternative practitioners use this as a way to allow the body to “speak”, letting the client know where an adjustment may need to be made in the diet, mentally or through some supplementation intervention.

The father of this movement is Dr. George Goodheart, a chiropractor that discovered one day that weak muscles could be instantly treated and strength would improve upon doing some simple treatment. This began a lifelong exploration of how else the body can speak thereby allowing one to make observations that are important to health. One of Dr. Goodhearts protegés was Dr. Alan Beardall, who eventually started another offshoot called Clinial Kinesiology. Dr. Beardall was a chiropractor who despite his vast competence, was unable to help certain clients that came into his office. He also was unable to precisely determine at times what exact problems stemmed from. Many times a symptom would indicate weakness in a completely different pat of the body. This frustration led him to explore and incorporate the body’s own feedback mechanism with other disciplines such as Traditional Chinese Medicine to determine where and how the body needs assistance. Clinical kinesiology is not a tool that is used to diagnose or treat clients but is simply a way for us to listen to what the body is saying and to assist it in areas where there may be indicated weakness.

Applied Kinesiology is a therapy of touch that uses a mix of Western and Eastern medicine to discover factors that are linked to mental/emotional, chemical or physical imbalances. Our body is one large computer in which ever part is connected to the whole. In eastern medicine, the liver and the eye are intimately connected and one person that I commonly help manifests inflammation or ruptures blood vessels in his eye that always point to a weakened liver. The eyes and the liver can also be profoundly affected by stress. By performing a simple test, I am able to determine weakness in the liver and offer support which may entail cleansing the liver the detoxification, supporting it through herbal medicine or determining substances that are causing the body to have an allergic reaction that is directly affecting the liver. Emotions are also linking to the organs of the body and if a client of mine has deep-seated anger that they are either aware of or unaware of this may also contribute to a weakened condition of the liver.

I use Applied Kinesiology or muscle testing to test for many things.

1. Heavy Metal and Heavy Chemical Toxicity. One can test to see if these substances are harming the Autonomic Nervous System, and also this testing can determine what natural substances can remove these things from the body.

2. Food Sensitivities – Almost everyone has a food sensitivity of one kind or another. Some of the major foods that cause food sensitivities are milk, wheat, sugar, eggs, corn, soy, white rice, cheese and fruit sugar. By avoiding these foods for 3 months can working with natural substances to remove these sensitivities, can have a major impact on health. Many people are allergic to substances without even knowing it. Allergies to specific substances or foods can cause symptoms which seems very unrelated but in fact are linked together. Perhaps the most allergic causing food is dairy. One client I have will eat dairy and normally within 1 hr to 12 hours later, he will get a headache, which at times they were very severe. When nutritional support was given to balance what his body needed and when the dairy was removed from his diet, the headaches disappeared completely.

3. Pathogens (Bugs).

4. The endocrine system: The pineal, pituitary, thyroid, thymus, an adrenal glands are tested

5. Common vitamins and minerals are tested to determine if supplementation may be required. Some common one tested are vitamin a, sodium, potassium, vitamin c, calcium, etc…

6. Energy in the different organs of the body and what natural substances can help to balance energy in those organs.

7. Mental and emotional imbalance. One client that I worked with was dealing with some very difficult issues with not wanting to forgive someone who abused them in the past. Resentment is an emotion that affects the gallbladder. This client had continued to get gallstones throughout the past few years, which also affected other areas of her health. Nutritional support was provided and also emotional rebalancing helped along with coming to terms with this problem.

The body is amazing and really does talk. We just need to tap into it and begin listening. When the body does tell us something through muscle testing, we can then begin down a path of assisting it so that the body can do what it does best – heal itself. Consult with me today about a full Applied Kinesiology exam, and full detailed plan of action that can be taken to help with any number of health concerns that may be bothering you.

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