What is Homeopathy?

The roots of this interesting art began in the laste 1700’s by a Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. He graduated from medical school and shortly thereafter began his own practice. Through the use of common medical treatments of that day such as blood letting and the useful of toxic chemicals such as arsenic, he became increasingly frustrated and disallusioned with those methods of helping people. Homeopathy operates on the premise that “like cures like”. Hahnemann at first became fascinated with the bark of a South American tree by the name of cinchona, which at the time was being used to treat those with malaria. He ingested the substance while healthy and observed that this produced in him malaria like symptoms. Therefore, homeopathy looks for substances that produces the same symptoms that a non healthy individual experiences. It became so popular that at the turn of the 19th century, many schools, hospitals and pharmacies existed that focused on this method. It was only with the modern rise of pharmaceuticals did it get pushed to the back of the bus, only to used by a small group of practitioners. Its popularity is gaining fast ground to the the wonderful results people from all over are having.


How does Homeopathy work more specifically?

Homeopathy is governed by three laws. The first is the law of similars, which we already mentioned above. The second is the law of infinitesimals. Hahnemann postulated that the more diluted a remedy the more powerful it became. The third is the law of sucussion. Sucussion basically means to vigorously shake the remedy being made. By doing this is “potentized” and made stronger. Hahanemann, along with the ancient healing system of China and India, believe in a life force that the body has and that when this vital force falls out of balance, symptoms and disease occurs in the body. These remedies are thought to help the body realign. I have had it explained to me as the substance tuning in to what is going on in the body much like we turn the knob on a radio to hear a specific frequency. These remedies are frequencies or contain vibrational information that can used to rebalance. Can we see radio waves? No. Do they carry a frequency that we cannot see? Yes. A homeopathic remedy is said to contain the life force of the mother substance and through the process of diluting and sucussing, this essense is captured and made stronger. Even though a much diluted remedy may contain none of the actual original substance, it retains the vibrational or frequency of the original substance.


What conditions can it be useful for?

I personally have observed the power of these remedies that fall outside of just coincidence. A friend of mine cut open his hand very deeply one day and was taken to the hospital. He decided not to get stiches and was telling me the story. I recommended a remedy called Arnica that he promptly went out and purchased. Within 3 days, his hands was almost completely closed and was well beyond where a normal healing process would have brought him. This same friend also occasionally gets gout, with sharp pain in his big toe. He has more Arnica availabe and just decided to see if it would help for this as well. The gout symptoms literally disappeared within minutes. Many other stories of people that I have recommended remedies for has reported similar findings. The best part of all is that hemeopathic remedies are 100% natural, safe and non toxic and anyone of any age can take them. The remedies can literally be used on almost any condition. There are hundreds of remedies and the key to finding one that works is by generally see changes that occur faily rapidly. If no change has occured after 4-5 days, another remedy should be tried.


How do you take the remedies?

Homeopathy can be administed through pills, liquids drops and with some as creams. There are also different potencies that exist and one potency over another should be discussed with your practitioner as to determine what is right for you. Depending upon a client’s health issues, one or more may be recommended to take as a step towards helping the body to heal itself.

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