Heal Prostatitis Naturally with Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture

Heal Prostatitis Naturally with Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture

Men have been struggling with prostatitis for thousands of years.  Modern medicine has struggled with the true cause behind most cases of this problem. However, the Chinese have identified and successfully treated this issue for millennia.  Chinese medicine is a complete system of medicine.  With the use of food therapy, herbal formulas, acupuncture and understanding the emotional factors that contribute to prostatitis, you can have the best chance of healing from this issue.  It is critical to understand that even though a problem manifests with physical symptoms, much of the time, it may not have a physical root cause or origin.  If you are unfamiliar with this, please see the article The Five Levels of Healing in the Body.  When all levels of health in the body are addressed, you stand the best chance of healing fully and completely.

We are accustomed in Western medicine to take a “pill” for a specific problem.  It is more of a one size fits all approach.  Chinese medicine differs in that we identify patterns in the body and many different patters can relate to the same problem.  They are all treated very differently as well.  In this article, we will identify the patterns associated with prostatitis.

The “-itis” in prostatitis

The “itis” on the end of medical conditions indicates inflammation or infection.  Most cases of inflammation or infection are either bacterial or viral in nature.  Four general categories of prostatitis exist in Western medicine – acute (bacterial), chronic (bacterial), inflammatory or non-inflammatory chronic pelvis pain syndrome (CPPS) and asymptomatic inflammatory prostatitis.  The latter two are non-bacterial in nature and are the most common form (90%+) of this condition.  However, if they are inflammatory, it would stand to reason that if they are not bacterial in nature, they are most likely being driven by some kind of viral infection.  A possible viral factor would be herpes and other herpes family viruses such as Epstein-Barr or Shingles.  The best way to deal with herpes family viruses is through detoxification of the body and targeted herbs that have been well known to support the immune system to take out these viruses.  We have had great success with this clinically.

Physical Factors

One of the biggest contributing factors to prostatitis is the Standard American Diet (It’s SAD).  The following factors are so common to manifestations of this problem in our modern world, which makes it imperative to do the following things as foundation for healing.

1. Eliminate all dairy (milk, yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese), wheat (breads and cereals), refined sugar products and sugar, caffeine, diet and artificial sweeteners, soy, fried foods, alcohol and corn from the diet.  All of these foods produce inflammation in the body.  This cannot be stressed enough.  In many cases, a full 30 day detoxification may be recommended to give the body a full reboot and put out the fires of inflammation in the body.  Heavy metals and chemicals, which accumulate in the body, must be targeted and flushed out of the system to ensure success.  We have a very specific chelation (pulling out) protocol for heavy metals and chemicals.

2. Consume at least 6 servings of organic vegetables and 2 servings of fruits per day. Vegetables are the most nutrient dense foods on the planet and are the most powerful for putting out inflammation.   This will ensure that bacteria and viruses that have grown out of control are put into check.

3. The best way to consume the quantity of vegetables needed to put out inflammation is through juicing.  Clinically, we give people the exact instructions they will need to ensure success in eating 6 servings of vegetables per day.

4. Perhaps the best diet in the world for inflammation is a raw vegan ketogenic diet.  Please reference the Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine book for recipes.  If you wish to include animal protein, I highly recommend The Keto Diet.  Both are great resources for healthy living.

Electrical/Energetic Factors

The second level of the body includes our body electrical system.  The electrical systems of the body are far more powerful than the physical properties of the body.  Therefore, influencing this part of the body can provoke powerful healing responses in the body.  Acupuncture is the best method to influence the second level of the body.  It is backed 100% by science and is not some mythical energy.

The acupuncture system is electrical in nature.  It works in tandem with the nervous system.  The nervous system communicates with the body through electrical signals.  When acupuncture points are stimulated it is analogous to turning back on the power to parts of the body being stimulated.  When power is restored, increased oxygen, blood flow and powerful brain pain modulating chemicals are emitted to heal the body.  Most acupuncture points are found in between connective tissue divides.  Connective tissue is piezo-electric, which means that it is a fantastic generator and conductor of electricity.  If you have prostatitis, it is highly recommended that you try acupuncture.

Chinese Medicine Patterns

How does an acupuncturist know where to needle and what herbal formula to give a patient.  After a thorough intake, it is determined which pattern is found to be the problem.  Once the pattern is identified, it can be treated accordingly through very specific associated acupuncture points and herbal formulas.  Below are the most common patterns associated with prostatitis.

Damp Heat in Lower Burner – Acute pain on urination, frequency, urgency, urinary difficulty, pain in the genitalia radiating to the groin, sticky-yellow urethral discharge.

Damp Heat with Toxic Heat in Lower Burner – Dysuria, sticky-yellow urethral discharge, dribbling of urine during effort of defecation, dribbling of urine, pain in the perineum, penis or hypogastrium, frequency of urination, pain on micturition.

Qi Stagnation, Blood Stasis, stasis of Essence, stasis in Blood Connecting channels – Pain in the anus and perineum, hypogastric pain, pain in the penis, white-sticky urethral discharge, dysuria, dribbling after urination.

Kidney-Qi deficiency with Dampness – Chronic urinary difficulty, turbid urine, frequency, urgency and pain, whitish discharge at the end of urination, dull ache in the genitals radiating to the groin.

Kidney-Yang and Liver-Blood deficiency – Dysuria, dribbling of urination, frequent pale urination, white urethral discharge, lower backache, weakness of the lower back and knees, cold legs, decreased sexual desire, impotence.

Kidney-Yin deficiency – Dull ache and feeling of heaviness in the perineum, white-stringy urethral discharge, scanty-dark urine, lower backache, insomnia, five-palm heat, night sweating, dizziness, tinnitus.

Damp Heat and turbidity in the Lower Burner, deficiency of Kidney-Essence – Turbid-white urethral discharge, dysuria, dribbling after micturition, lower backache, pain in the hypogastrium, perineum, penis, painful urination, impotence, premature ejaculation, nocturnal emissions, dizziness, tinnitus, decreased memory.

Heart and Kidney deficiency – Impotence, premature ejaculation, lack of libido, lower backache, dizziness, tinnitus, palpitations, insomnia, tiredness. (Practice of Chinese Medicine, Maciocia – Prostatitis)

The Emotional or Consciousness Factors

The most difficult thing for people to believe about healing is that a condition or health problem could have an emotional root and when healed emotionally, the problem disappears from the physical body.  Almost all health problems have some kind of emotional root of at the least influence. One of the factors to healing the prostate naturally is understanding how it affects men.  The prostate is seen as the representation of masculinity in the body.  The masculine principal is largely defined by strength and capacity.  As men grow older, if they emotionally are affected by the aging process and feel week or don’t feel as capable as they once did, the prostate emotionally can take a beating.  This is when the prostate can begin to show problems.  It is natural for men to get weaker with age.  If you flow with the process and don’t resist aging, the transition can be healthy.

With that said, here are the general consciousness or emotional factors that may contribute to why the prostate has issues:

“Feeling inferior, stuck, ashamed, suppressed, helpless, guarded. Lacking confidence, trust, and security. Rejecting your masculinity. Fear of aging and failure. Struggling with work and finances.  Not sure how to express your feelings. Carrying deep-seated disappointment, resentment, and guilt.” (Inna Segal – The Secret Language of Your Body)

Some of these may apply to you, some may not.  It is not popular, especially as men, to think that we may have an “emotional” issue going on.  However, this it is encouraged to be open to this reality if you truly wish to heal all parts of your being or body.


By cleansing the body, removing sources of inflammation, getting lots of anti-inflammatory foods, taking targeted herbs and herbal formula, getting acupuncture treatments and dealing the emotional factors of prostatitis, you can have the very best chance of healing naturally.  With the exception of acupuncture, all of these other things can be done over the phone through a distance consultation.  So if you are not in the Orlando, FL area, you can still get the help you need to start healing today.  Call 407-255-0314 to set up your appointment with Dr. Scott today.

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