Whole Food, No Chronic Disease and Food As Medicine – Podcast

Whole Food, No Chronic Disease and Food As Medicine – Podcast with Dr. Steve Moreau, AP

Eating clean, whole, unprocessed and organic food is perhaps the most important thing we can do in the world today in order to be physically healthy.  In the USA today, most people live on a SAD diet (Standard American Diet).  This diet includes consumption of boxed, packaged, and processed nutrient deficient food.  This diet also includes lots of refined sugar, fried vegetable oils, dairy, wheat, alcohol and other things which are massively contributing to chronic disease in the world today.  In addition to eating many unhealthy foods, people have strayed away from eating many servings of vegetables, which are the most nutrient dense health protective foods that one can consume.  In this podcast, Dr. Stever Moreau, AP will discuss his journey of being a vegetarian and vegan eventually finding a diet that helped him to heal the most.  He also runs an operation that provides organic, small farm food to people in the Orlando area.  Learn more about the role of whole foods and how they can help to heal you, contributing to abundant health.

2:55 – Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food – Hippocrates

3:55 – Originally Dr. Moreau decided to be vegan/vegetarian, eventually becoming a raw vegan.

5:35 –  One of the older Chinese medicine doctors took his pulse and she told him exactly what he needed to start eating.

7:02 – He explores why he was so deficient on a vegan diet and what to do about it.

8:45 – He continued and continued to get more and more tired on this diet and he got even more strict with it.

10:52 – Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Dr. Westin Price was the book that changed it all for Dr. Moreau.

12:07 – What made Dr. Moreau eat cleanly sourced food?

14:01 – What was the cause of cavities, facial deformities and other dental issues in the early 1900’s?

14:55 – What is a traditional diet and why is it healthy?

17:25 – What was the primary indicator for health in what Dr. Westin Price found?

19:39 – What were people dying from then that we don’t see today?

20:25 – Whale blubber and a big fat diet – healthy?

21:33 – What did Dr. Westin Price call “sacred food?”

23:20 – What was Dr. Price surprised and saddened he didn’t see in terms of diet in the world?

24:55 – Why are organ meats so healthy?

26:16 – Why do animals in the wild always go for the heart, liver and lungs?

29:10 – Why did indigenous people have almost zero risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and brain disease?

31:20 – Why is nurturing the soil so important to our health?

36:35 – Why animals are key to keeping the soil healthy?

41:30 – How did Dr. Moreau get so much energy after changing his diet?

43:45 – What protein is North Americans eating to much of?

44:45 – Is food convenience harmful or healthy in the long run?

46:01 – The Westin Price Foundation is great place to learn more about whole food nutrition.

51:44 – Why are heirloom vegetables so powerful?

53:45 – www.farmfreshdirect2u.com – a clean source of whole foods in the Orlando area (407-580-7393)

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  2. Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine – Dr. Gabriel Cousens, MD
  3. Healing With Whole Foods – Paul Pitchford

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