What should I take for X problem? I have no idea.

What should I take for ___ problem?  What would you do for me for?

These questions gets asked of me frequently, by people who are unfamiliar with Chinese medicine, Naturopathic medicine or energy medicine.   I chuckle a little every time I hear it.  I suppose this comes from the programming we have in Western culture about medicine and our heavy reliance on pharmaceutical drugs.

Every time someone asks me these questions, my response is as follows:

I have no idea.

Here is why I cannot give any answer other than that one:

  1. Healing from something is more about what the problem means and understanding it, rather than finding a pill to take it away.  It is manifesting for a reason.   Most times, it goes a little deep than choosing to eat four hot dogs for lunch and suffering the indigestion that follows.
  2. No two people ever have a health problem for the same reasons.  This takes into account the individuality of each person.
  3. Chinese, naturopathic and energy medicine address the individuality of each person.  You are not a machine or a robot.  None of these approaches is cookie cutter in any way.
  4. If doing Chinese medicine, different acupuncture points, herbs, herbal formulas, emotionally release, lifestyle changes, and meditative practices are different for every person even if the presenting problem may be exactly the same.
  5. If doing energy medicine, all forms of energy must be considered including physical, energetic, mental, emotional, intuitive, spiritual, and consciousness factors, along with chakra imbalances, meridian imbalances, environmental factors, memories, and many more.

The answer is not a simple as taking a pill or doing the same thing for someone who has the same problem.  If the problem is anything other than physical, taking a pill or a supplement may do little to actual get at the root cause of the problem.  Instead, when doing a very thorough intake, we ask a lot of questions about all contributing factors, try to really get to know you and then form a course of action.

Let me offer an example.  A gentleman that I had a Skype session with only had one complaint.  He had a lot of pain on the top of his left foot for the last 5 years and nothing he did would change it.  He had tried almost everything.  He could deaden the pain with medications, but it would never go away.  I asked his body, using applied kinesiology and neuromuscular feedback, what was going on and the body said that there were four trapped emotions in his foot.

The consciousness of the foot among other things has to do with moving forward in life, feeling ungrounded, stuck or confused.   When I asked what happened 5 years ago, he has been out of a job for 2 months, didn’t know what he wanted to do with his life, and in his exact words he said “I felt stuck at that time in my life.”    He was still carrying around the emotions from this event, even after 5 years.  The four emotions were frustration, helpless, anger and worry.  I taught him how to do EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) over Skype, he released these emotions and after 1 hour, the pain in his foot was completely gone.  One year later, I saw him again and the pain had never come back.

His foot pain was an emotional problem in this case.  It is different every time for each person.  Another gentleman came in with foot pain in the same place and all his body wanted was a whole food supplement that improved circulation.  His pain went away in about 6 weeks after taking the supplement continuously.

Every person is different and must be treated as such.  Emotions due to traumatic memories from the past that manifest as physical symptoms are much more common that you may think.  No two people are ever the same.  The ancient Chinese saw it this way and so does energy medicine today.   Each person has their own unique story that must be understood in order to find the root cause of their health problem.  Some people get quick fixes, and for others it is about the journey and tons of hard work to achieve better health.

What should you take for your health problem?  I have no idea until your story emerges.  But after getting to know you and getting feedback subconsciously from your body, normally the root problem manifests relatively quickly and action can be taken to move you in a healthy direction.  If you have a health problem and you feel it may be due to something beyond the physical, I’d love to help you understand it and  to begin healing.  Call me today to see if this might be a good fit for you.

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