The Top 20 Secrets to Abundant Health

Do you know what the secrets are to abundant health?  As someone who has struggled with autoimmune issues and after having observed and treated thousands of people over the years, certain habits have stood out that make a huge difference for people.  Here are the top 20 secrets to abundant health:

1. Consume at least 6 servings of fresh organic vegetables and 3 fruits per day (serving = 1 cup).

2. Juicing is the fastest and most powerful way to get an abundance of vegetables every day. Get a good juicer here.

3. Dairy, wheat, refined sugar, corn, soy, fried foods (oils), pork, and alcohol are the most inflammatory things to consume. Avoid them completely for great health.

4. Foods from boxes, bags, and packages are processed and generally contribute to health problems. Eat Fresh – here’s a great cookbook with a 30 day plan.

5. Exposure to toxins is one of the main physical contributors to disease today.  Detox Regularly with the 21 day Purification program from Standard Process or you can get this directly through Triune Wellness Center.

6. Use organic personal care and cleaning products.

7. Whole food supplements are a critical to consume due to widespread nutritional deficiencies.  Here’s our favorite foundational supplements – Catalyn GF Multivitamin, Cataplex B Vitamins, and a minerals complex – Mintran.

8. Drink between 50-100 ounces (depending upon weight) of pure filtered water every day.  Here’s a great stainless steel water bottle and Berkey water filter.

9. Exercise 3-5 times per week for at least a ½ hour each time.  Sweating is a great way to release toxins.

10. Be in the sun for 15 minutes per day.  Not in the sun much? Here’s vitamin D3.

11. Learn how to protect yourself from electromagnetic pollution in the world.

12. Get regular acupuncture, chiropractic and massage treatments for powerful sustained health.

13. To be free, means to be at the level of choice.  Choose every day to create and take action.

14. Your perception of me is a reflection of you; my reaction to you is an awareness of me. Learn to continually see how others reflect you to you.

15. What is held in mind tends to manifest.  Bring peace to every memory from your past.

16. Illness, pain or disease can be from the result of suppressed/repressed emotions. Learn to set them free!

17. The cultivation of mindfulness through meditation can release negative emotions from the body.

18. You are not your body, thoughts, emotions, feelings or beliefs.  Surrender them all.

19. Forgive freely, give thanks frequently, love deeply, and have compassion abundantly.

20. The greatest purpose in life is to BE LOVE, JOY and PEACE (what you already are).  If you don’t experience this, dedicate your life to letting go of your own internal suffering (negative emotions) and all will become clear in due time.

Do you want more information on how to specifically apply these secrets to your health and life?  Call 407-255-0314 to set up an appointment with Dr. Scott.  Not in the Orlando, Florida area?  No problem.  Phone consultations are also available. 

*This email is not intended to be medical advice. Consult with your physician to be sure of what is best for you.

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