The Five Stressors

Stressors are what practitioners of Nutrition Response Testing call those things that directly affect the health of the nervous system and the body. These are what are we find to be the things that are the underlying causes that lie behind many health problems. Let me give you an example of one very common problem that I find in the office.

Fifty percent of all the people who I test in the office have a weakness in their thyroid, specifically hypothyroidism (under active thyroid). Think of the thyroid as a carburetor. It controls how much gas goes to the engine. Gas is what fuels the body and in this case the thyroid controls metabolism, which is how fast or slow things are “burned” in the body. A underactive thyroid most generally equates with fatigue, weight gain, sleepiness and other symptoms. Generally three ways to understand how to “fix” this problem.

1. Give someone a chemical and synthetic hormone for the rest of their life, such as Synthroid. This supplies a hormone that the thyroid needs to function properly. The problem with this approach is how is lacks detective skills to get to the cause or root of the problem. Why is the relationship between the pituitary and thyroid not working properly. This just works to cover over the symptom and it keeps someone on a synthetic chemical drug for the rest of their life.

2. It is critical to understand what specific nutrient is used to help the thyroid make hormones. Iodine is the principal nutrient need to fuel the thyroid. Many places around the world are in places where iodine is not a part of the average persons diet. It is a very trace nutrient that is only found in very specific types of food, particularly in sea vegetables. If you don’t get this nutrient in the diet you can expect that the body wont work properly over time. The problem with giving the body iodine is like trying to get a tired – 80-year-old horse to perform. The gland is worn out and the iodine asks it to perform. This is better than the first option, but again, in not the ideal.

3. Could it be possible that there is an underlying problem even beyond the need for iodine? Sure. I see it in the office all the time. One of the main culprits to harming the function of the thyroid is mercury. If mercury is affecting the thyroid and you give it iodine, are you really removing the cause of the problem of why it is not functioning optimally? No. The ideal route then is to remove any stress that is causing the thyroid to not work right, give supplements to rebuild the thyroid and other supplements like iodine to fuel the thyroid. By approaching thyroid problems from this perspective, the body can deal with causes and begin to heal on its own.

This is one example of how an underlying problem can affect any part of the body. In Nutrition Response Testing, the practitioner finds underlying problems that are causing the body not to work properly. We test to see if the body is being affected by one or more of five different stressors.

Those stressors are as follows:

1. Heavy Metals: Mercury, Lead, Aluminum, Iron, Cadmium, etc…

2. Heavy Chemicals: Perfumes/ Fragrances, Heavy Chemicals, Dry Cleaning Fluid, Petrol Solvents/Alcohol, Hydrocarbons, etc…

3. Food sensitivities: Fruit Sugar, Honey, Sugar, Corn, Soy, White Rice, Brown Rice, Oats, Rye, Wheat, Eggs, Milk, Cheese, etc…

4. Pathogens: Virus, Bacteria, Parasites, Fungus

5. Scars – old scars on the body absorb energy and act as capacitors in the body. Clinically, we have seen miraculous things happen when scars begin to heal energetically. Apesiotomy, C-section, umbilicus, circumcision scars and others come up in testing frequently.

One these 5 things generally tend to lie behind most problems in the body. A famous Japanese researcher said that all cancer has seven things in common. Two of the factors that lies behind every cancer is a heavy metal and a bug (pathogen) of some kind. From this perspective it is clear to see how not dealing with these factors will make healing in the body that much more difficult. We test the body to see if any one of these stressors is directly affecting the body and then through whole food supplementation, support is given to the body so that is can deal with these things appropriately and can begin to heal.

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