Negative Emotions Can Cause Health Problems

Did you know that you can learn to let your emotions go and be free?

The most overlooked aspect of health today for humans is with our emotions. When I have asked people on the street, “What is the actual process of letting an emotion go?”, most look at you like a deer in headlights. People in general do not know how to let things go.  Letting things go for most people is just sweeping it under the carpet and pretending like it’s not there.  Letting go means to be free.  Do you feel free or do your emotions continually cause you stress in life?

All of our problems have a context in our life. We learned our ways of being or negative emotions from things that happened in the past. Even seemingly innocent events from the past may hold much more significance than we may realize. For example, one woman, when she felt any amount of pain, almost when into a full panic attack.  Pain reminded her of the pain she suffered as a child by an abusive father.

I really get this struggle for most people.  For 11 long years, I felt afraid, hopeless, apathetic and beyond frustrated to be depressed.  I begged and pleaded with God to help me feel better for 11 long years. Then, I found answers. My emotions were the problems.  And once I released them from painful memories in the past, I was free.  If you want to deal with any problem you have in life you have to really deal with the emotional structure of the problem inside of you.

So here’s a plan that you can use to be free:

  1. Write out a list of all the most dramatic memories you have ever had from the past.My list had over 100 memories before the age of 18. If you remember something when you were younger and it is negative, it had an impact, even if it appears to your adult mind as something as simple as someone stealing your lollipop in 1st grade.
  2. Learn how to use The Sedona Method or Tapping to work through each of the memories on your list.
  3. Dedicate 1-2 hours per week to process through 1 memory. After a year, you will have processed through 52 memories. Just like having an exercise plan, you must have a dedicated set aside time to intentionally do this.
  4. If you don’t feel absolutely comfortable doing this on your own, schedule an appointment with me. Trauma from the past can be tough to dig into, and it may be best to have someone trained to hold loving space for you.
  5. Commit yourself to releasing for 15 minutes on any emotions you felt during the day that were unwanted.
 When I finally decided to do this, is when magical things started happening in my life.  I finally felt more at peace, the anger and fears lessened significantly. I felt more alive.  You can have this too.  The emotion work is the last frontier and key to absolutely abundant health.  When you know how to let things go, you can face almost any situation in life with far less stress. Call Dr. Scott today at 407-255-0314 to start releasing the emotions that you know have been troubling you. 

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