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Steven Kotler, author of The Rise of Superman, was completely bedridden, ravaged with Lyme disease and he was just waiting to die.  He then describes an experience of being forced to go surfing by a friend, which was obsurd considering that he was in excruciating pain and was bed ridden.  While surfing, he entered multiple times into what athletes have called being in a FLOW state, which ultimately supercharged his nervous and immune systems, healing him completely from this very dreadful disease.  This has also occurred as a state of being itself in those with advanced levels of consciousness by avatars, mystics, sages.  Now we have the modern science to tell us how it works and how you can benefit from it yourself.

What is a flow state?  How do you enter into it?  How could it help you heal?

Recently I had the immense pleasure of entering a flow state (or the zone) for the very first time.  It was magnificent, especially when stopping to ponder what was happening.  It happened about 2 months ago on the racquetball court.  Previous to this state over the last 6 months, I had been intentional about being more present, more aware while on the racquetball court.  This meant paying extra attention to my emotional state before and during play, monitoring my body and different physical sensations, and realizing how I experienced different emotions when missing shots/making shots and ultimately being purposeful about letting go of emotion and allowing things to just be.  At first this led to hitting the ball softer and more under control, thinking ahead of time even more about where I wanted to hit the ball and also not trying to force play when behind or wanting to win.  What sparked this was actually putting an old string in my racquet that I had from over 15 years ago when I was a sponsored player.  I knew that if I hit the ball the way I normally did, the string would break very fast.  The string was the catalyst for paying attention and entering into a higher state of being, even if for a brief moment.

After continuing this trend of awareness, one day a state of flow occurred and it was almost magical.  Time literally felt like it slowed down.  I felt like there was loads of time hitting the ball, retrieving the ball, knowing where everyone was on the court and also preparing for the perfect shot.   Clarity was heightened about where the best shot should be and accuracy rose exponentially.  While serving the ball, a constant visualization entered knowing that the ball was going to be served just over the service line and would be very difficult to retrieve.  Emotionally everything felt peaceful, serene and sublime.  Nothing was rushed.  What ensued was beating players handily which I normally play neck and neck with or who beat me.  Regardless of whether they were having their best days or not, the flow state was still present.  You feel unstoppable, yet you actually try less, not more.  When in this state, exerting force isn’t needed.

Sadly, this state faded away and it is back to just regular fun racquetball for the time being.  While I didn’t heal of anything, people in the state of FLOW do heal quite miraculously of even the most incurable diseases.  Science now backs this with evidence.  This is the power of consciousness being played out via the mind into the body.  Sages in ancient writings and mystics from more modern times, report entering these states not through playing sports but through consciousness activating activities such as meditation, prayer and letting go/surrender.  The result is the same: reports of spontaneous healings of diseases and health problems that have no known Western cure.  One modern mystic and medical doctor, Dr. David Hawkins, who had 27 illnesses including duodenal ulcers, pancreatitis, hemorrhagic diverticulitis, colitis, migraines, Raynaud’s disease, Graves’ disease, gangrene, hypoglycemia, and more, cured himself by using simple techniques to let of negative emotions and belief systems thus bringing him into an advanced state of consciousness.  He was healed of all 27 illnesses just using his mind and letting go of emotions and positionalities.  He coauthored a book with a 2 time Nobel winner (Linus Pauling) and had the largest psychiatric practice in the world.

He states, “All the above illnesses and surgeries were processed and handled as described by letting go of resisting in every instant, canceling the belief systems and emotions, and totally surrendering to Divine Will. All healing was accomplished without narcotics or anesthesia. The whole series of illnesses was consequent to karmic proclivities that were surfaced by intense inner spiritual work, which speeded up their emergence initially but later facilitated their seemingly miraculous healing and disappearance.”  Healing and Recovery, p59.

After watching Steven Kotler’s short 12 minute presentation about The Science of Flow, it became clear to me that he was simply talking about experiencing an elevated state of consciousness, which can be done in proven ways with or without sports.

What bring on this experience of flow?  Through Steven’s research he discovered 17 different flow triggers of what brings on a flow state.  Not all have to be experienced to enter the state.  There are 4 groups of Flow Triggers: (4)Psychological; (3) Environmental; (9) Social and; (1) Creative.


  1. Intensely focused attention
  2. Clear goals
  3. Immediate feedback


  1. The challenge/skill ratio
  2. High consequences
  3. Rich environment
  4. Deep embodiment


  1. Serious concentration
  2. Shared, clear goals
  3. Good communication
  4. Familiarity
  5. Equal participation and skill level
  6. Risk
  7. Sense of control
  8. Close listening
  9. Always say “Yes”


  1. Pattern recognition

For me two months ago it was intense focused attention (on winning), clear goal (to dominate), challenge/skill ratio (player with same skill level), serious concentration, familiarity (knowing the sport well), control, and listening (or paying attention).  But, what if, when someone is faced with a serious disease, they use this knowledge, plus tools about how to deal with their consciousness (emotions) and what may have contributed to their disease to enter into a state of healing, effectively curing one of disease? 

What if one is intensely focused, concentrated and driven to find a healing solution?  You have to believe there is a natural cure for you even when you have been told there isn’t by doctors.  This is what healed me after 11 long years of serious depression.  I was relentless to finding healing.  With life threatening disease there is high consequences and perhaps risk, trying to abate death.  The goal is clear; to heal from this impossible disease.  In other words, if conditions are right, a serious disease could be the trigger to a FLOW state or advanced level of consciousness.   You get the point.  If desire, belief and drive to heal are intense enough, the Universe usually brings answers, solutions or allows you to find the solution within, which is the power within you that has always been present to heal you the whole time.  God didn’t give you a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind.  Many have found healing through this path and others.

How does one explore letting go and potentially experiencing healing?

I highly recommend reading all the works of Dr. David Hawkins, MD.  The guy was a genius and spiritual giant.  Also, one of the most practical works of letting go is called The Sedona Method by Hale Gwoskin.  Are you ready to FLOW?  Are you ready to heal?  You don’t have to play sports to FLOW, but the intensity and drive that those who have to win and push their limits is almost certainly required.  May you find your FLOW!

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