Five Foods That Cause Inflammation

All chronic inflammation in the body is heavily influenced the foods that you consume.  Aside from dairy, wheat and refined sugars, five other foods heavily contribute to inflammation and disease today. Those foods are soy, corn, pork, eggs, and alcohol. Moderation is not the key with these foods.  Most people in the USA today do not just eat one of these foods on a daily basis.  Most people have at least 3-6 of these inflammatory foods per day. This is why moderation doesn’t work.  We consume too many foods that cause inflammation and minimal amounts of the foods that combat it.

Think of breakfast for most people.  Toast (wheat) with jam (added sugar) and butter (dairy) with eggs and/or bacon (pork).  Or another favorite is cereal (wheat and sugar) with cow’s milk (dairy).  Breakfast for most Americans is an inflammation factory that will heavily contribute to disease and health problems.  The problem is that if we could just give the body a break from all of these foods, then we might see a powerful movement towards cooling the fires of inflammation in the body.  If I can do it, so can you. But, lets talk briefly about each one of these things. 
Soy:  90% of soy in the USA is genetically modified.  Genetically modified food is toxic and creates health problems.  In addition to that the pesticide that they use for the genetically modified food was just proven (although we have known for years) to be carcinogenic (cancer causing).  If you want to get man boobs or contribute to raging hormonal imbalances, then avoid soy.  Soy is found in so many things and if you are eating fresh than you can be assured that you are not consuming it.
Corn:  90% of the corn in the USA is genetically modified as well and shared the same risks as soy.  Lets not forget that these foods are spliced with different genes from other species, patented, and made to withstand specific pesticides (that only the agro-chemical companies own too).  If you have something patented, you own it and can have exclusive rights to sell it.  Farmers have to buy it ever year, rather than keeping seeds for the next year to plant.  It is a food and chemical monopoly that is meant to control our food supply. 

Eggs:  The eggs most people consume today are not like what we had 100 years ago.  Chickens are meant to roam around free in a pasture eating things found naturally in the environment.  Even cage free organic eggs do not mean that they are actually allowed to go outside.  They literally could be organic and are still raised indoors, barely seeing the sun.  94% of eggs in the USA are raised from chickens in cages no bigger than a sheet of paper.  They can’t turn around or anything. It is appalling.  If you do get pasture raised organic eggs, expect to pay $6-8 dollars per dozen.  Even then, when observing many patients over the years and how they do off of eggs, a big difference is usually seen experiencing lower levels of inflammation. When I have muscle tested people for eggs in the past, they typically do not test well, even the pasture raised eggs.
Pork: Pork is a pro-inflammatory food.  If you are a student of the Bible, you will know that God told people to avoid pork in the Old Testament because it can make you sick.  History has not changed.  Pork is a dirty food and makes people sick.  Hepatitis E is on the rise due to pork, while also causing complications during pregnancy. A significant number of sausages are already infected viruses.   It may be a contributor in the rise of multiple sclerosis. Eating pork is a solid contributor to liver cancer and liver disease, in part or whole due to how hard it is for the body to process the fat.  Most pork products that sit on shelves contain nitrates, which are carcinogenic.  So many more studies have shown correlation between pork and poor health.  It is best to avoid it. 
Alcohol:  I can’t speak for other Chinese medicine practitioners, but I see tons of heat and inflammation in almost all people that come to the clinic.  Your liver contributes in a big way to keeping the body cool.  Since most people I see have signs of heat, the very last thing they need is more heat.  Alcohol contributes to the rise of depression, obesity, cancer, and inhibits insulin receptivity for diabetics. Alcohol is perhaps the absolute hottest thing you can put into your body.  It is liquid fire and is super harmful to the liver.  I don’t care that studies may say wine or alcohol is healthy.  Alcohol in inflammatory, science proves it and Chinese medicine says to avoid it if you are already inflammed. 
I really understand how hard it is to avoid these things. Making the choice to avoid these things personally was very difficult at first, but it got easier over time. When I did this, I saw very positive changes in my health.  Others have reported the same thing.  These things destroy health and most people consume many of them every day.  When 70% of the people in the USA are dying from complications of heart disease and cancer (both inflammatory diseases), it is easy to see why considering what the average American eats every day.  If you have cravings the very best tool to powerfully deal with your cravings is The Sedona Method.  Also, The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook and Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine books have wonderful recipes that avoid all of these things.  No one expects you to drop all these foods all at once from your life, but if you decide to take on the challenge and do it, you will see tremendous changes in your health.  Want a health plan that can powerfully help you to heal?  Contact Dr. Scott at 407-255-0314 to set up your first appointment.

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