Heart Disease

Cholesterol is not the Enemy that Causes Heart Disease

According to the CDC, 1 in 6 Americans have high cholesterol.  Having high cholesterol puts you at risk for heart disease, which is the number one killer of Americans.  It is now estimated that 40-50% of everyone in the USA now dies from heart disease.   Just 100 years ago, only 5% of the population died of heart disease.   The most widely prescribed drug in the world today is Lipitor, which helps to decrease cholesterol in the blood.  However, cholesterol is not the enemy it has been portrayed as being.  Cholesterol is actually very vital and important to every cell in our bodies.  It helps to transport fats through our blood, digests liver fats, and it key for the production of sex hormones.  It is estimated that 75% of the cholesterol we need is manufactured in our liver.  Even more broadly speaking, other causal factors to heart disease exist beyond the physical exist.  See the article The 5 Levels of Healing in the Body.

So if cholesterol is not the bad guy, then what causes heart disease and atherosclerosis?

Main physical causes of heart disease.

1. Inflammation.  Without inflammation in the body, cholesterol would not accumulate on the walls of the blood vessels.  When the walls of the arteries are damaged due to inflammation and oxidation, cholesterol accumulates at the site in an effort to help the body heal or repair itself.  Inflammation is actually a good thing because it is the body’s way of protecting itself from foreign organisms.  In the case of cholesterol and heart disease, this inflammation is caused by toxic damaging food that is consumed.  In this case, cholesterol is not the bad guy and it is doing its job to protect the body from further damage.

2. The Wrong Fat.  We have been sold lies and have been told that the poly-unsaturated oils are the ones that are protecting our hearts and are “good” for us.  What oils are these?  Safflower, Canola, Corn and Soybean oil.  When they arrive to the stores, they are rancid.  When they are cook they become even more rancid.  This smell of rancidity is fancily covered up through modern processing methods.  These free radicals cause huge amounts of damage in the body.  The oils that actually are not bad and play a role in protecting the body are ones such as organic cold pressed coconut oil and red palm oil.  In addition, all of the white bread, white pasta, white rice and the massive amounts of sugar we consume also play a huge role in damaging the body.

“When fat in the bloodstream becomes elevated, things change.  Gradually, the endothelium, the white blood cells and the platelets, the blood cells that cause clotting, all become sticky.  Eventually, a white blood cell adheres to and eventually penetrates the endothelium, where it attempts to ingest the rising numbers of LDL cholesterol molecules that are being oxidized from the fatty diet.  The white blood cells send out a call for help to other white blood cells.  More and more of them converge on the site, becoming engorged with bad cholesterol and eventually form a bubble of fatty pus – an atheroma or “plaque”, the chief characteristic of atherosclerosis.  Over time these engorged deposits get weak and when they burst, the body sends out a signal to close it off.  The only bad thing is that this closes off the artery completely causing a heart attack.”   Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn

High Cholesterol is not the cause of heart disease.  The cause is a poor diet that contributes to inflammation and free radical damage in the body that cholesterol seeks to repair.

Energetic or Electrical Causes of Heart Disease

The 2nd level of the body can become imbalanced leading to heart disease.  People know about the nervous system but it’s cousin system, the acupuncture channel system is less well known.  The heart operates from electrical signals.  The acupuncture system is an electrical system.  Most acupuncture points are found along connective tissue divides in the body.  Connective tissue is piezo-electric, meaning that it is a fantastic generator and conductor of electricity.  With poor electrical flow in the body, disease and health conditions will follow, including heart disease.

In the Chinese medicine acupuncture system is the heart channel and by needling points along this channel pathology in the heart can be balanced and healed.  It is highly recommend for those with a history of heart disease or those healing from it.

Emotional or Consciousness Factors of Heart Disease

Every health problem in the body can be caused or influenced by emotions and consciousness.  Heart disease can literally manifest in someone because of negative emotions that have been stored in the body for years and have not been released.  This is the hardest aspect of health for people to grasp and take responsibility for.  Here are the general emotional factors behind heart disease.

“Heart Attack—Stubbornness, stress, inflexibility, obnoxious attitude, a “my way or the highway” approach. Selfish, ignorant, controlling. Too focused on money, achievement, and winning. Neglect of your health and family. Suppression, envy, hardness. Needing to be right. Feeling unloved, easily hurt, holding on to guilt and regret. Thinking that you know everything—that you don’t need anyone’s help or advice.
Heart Blockage—Blocking love. Feeling rejected, ill-treated, inadequate, betrayed, like a failure.
Difficulty accepting love and affection. Loss of hope, buried pain, stress, worry. Affecting a “don’t care” attitude. Belief that you don’t deserve good things in life. Feeling separate from others, cut off, lonely, isolated. Hardness toward yourself and others. Obsessed with work.” (The Secret Language of Your Body – Inna Segal)

In the clinic we can design the right dietary and supplementation protocol, combined with electrical and emotional healing so that every aspect of heart disease and cholesterol can be dealt with naturally.  We we do this you have the best chance of healing naturally.  If this information resonates with you, please call 407-255-0314 to set up an appointment in the clinic.  If you are outside of the Orlando Fl area, phone consultation are also available.

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