Heal Digestion Naturally with Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture

The digestive system is extensive extending from the mouth all the way to the end of the colon.  A breakdown anywhere along this system can generate a number of unwanted symptoms such as gas, bloating, acid reflux, burning, pain, diarrhea, constipation, bleeding, nausea, vomiting, ulcers, excessive or reduced appetite and hemorrhoids.  Even gas, which most people experience on some level is a symptom, which indicates that your system is not processing something very well and is perhaps calling your attention to something you shouldn’t consume.  These symptoms can lead to intense health problems such as celiac disease, colitis, gastritis, SIBO, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), Crohns disease, and even digestive system cancers.

Chinese medicine has successfully helped people to heal all these digestive factors with food, herbs, acupuncture, tuina (massage), tai chi, and meditation.  It is a complete system of medicine, with minimal to no side effects, and treats the root cause of the problem.  The track record of Chinese medicine is impressive against these issues.  We take into account the whole person.  In order to fully heal, all the physical, electrical, and emotional/spiritual factors must be addressed.  For more information on this model of medicine, please see the article The Five Levels of Healing in the Body.

Physical Healing of Digestion

The following factors are critical to address if you wish to heal from digestive issues:

  1. Digestion begins in the mouth.  We have glands in the mouth that emit enzymes (to breakdown food).  If we have mercury amalgams in our mouth, these glands over time get destroyed and our digestion can suffer.  It is imperative to detoxify the body from mercury first before removing these amalgams.
  2. The body must be cleansed from toxins.  Toxins are one of the hidden factors behind many health problems.  Clinically, we use a very complete protocol to help the body detoxify.
  3. Nutritional deficiencies contribute to most digestive problems.  It is imperative that we get tested for and start consuming whole food supplements.  Nutrition Response Testing is used to test you for exactly what you need to heal.
  4. Certain foods destroy the digestive system and should be avoided.  These foods include all dairy products, wheat, corn, all refined sugar, and fried foods.
  5. The most healing foods on the planet are organic vegetables and fruits.  We should be eating them in abundance.  If you are not sure what or how much to consume, we will give you all the guidance you need to heal.

Electrical Healing of Digestion

Acupuncture has a miraculous ability to help people heal from any kind of digestive problem.  Acupuncture points are found along connective tissue divides in the body.  Connective tissue is piezo-electric, which means it is a fantastic generator and conductor of electricity.  If electricity is turned off to your house, it will make being in the house more difficult.  In the same way if the body’s electrical flow is not balanced or is lacking, it will not function as well.  Stimulating acupuncture points helps to bring increased oxygen, blood flow and healing chemicals from the brain to the part of the body being stimulated with needles.  Acupuncture has a remarkable way of giving the body what it needs so that it can use its own intelligence to heal.   Acupuncture works best in a series of treatments.

Emotional/Spiritual Healing of Digestion

This is the hardest aspect of healing for people to get behind or believe in.  Our negative emotions and past experiences can make such an impact as to express themselves as health problems in the physical body.  We cannot hold onto negative emotions for years or decades and not be affected by them.  Each health problem has consciousness or general emotional factors that are associated with it in the body.  Every digestive symptom has consciousness.  Listed below are the aspects to two of the most damaging digestive health problems.

Colitis—Difficulty digesting life. Apprehension; suppressing painful emotions instead of dealing with them. A cry for help. Feeling defeated and worthless. Wanting to give up or give in. Feeling that it’s all too much to cope with. Difficulty seeing other people’s points of view. Great need for approval and to be right.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)—Unbalanced, too serious and controlling. Focused on the negative.  judgmental, opinionated, easily irritated. Difficulty trusting others. Holding on to outdated beliefs and ideas. Confusion, loss of direction, not knowing which way to turn. (Inna Segal – The Secret Language of Your Body)

If you have either one of these issues, do any of these ideas apply to you? Did you go through something that was particularly traumatic right before your digestive symptoms started?  Normally a correlation does exist in some form that many are not aware of.  Clinically, we use consciousness based healing techniques that are easy to learn and help you to release negative emotions, events and memories from your mind and body.

If we address all the physical, electrical and emotional/spiritual factors together, you will have the very best chance of healing.  If this information and approach really resonates with you, please call Dr. Scott now at 407-255-0314 to schedule your appointment.  If you are not in the Orlando, Florida area, distance and phone session are available.

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