Cannabis, Hemp, And Marijuana – All You Need To know

Marijuana and Hemp are not going away.  In fact, as of this writing, recreational marijuana is legal in 10 states and medical marijuana is legal in 33 states. This last year, President Trump signed The US Farm Bill into law that legalizes hemp.  Hemp is arguably the most industrious plant in the entire world, with over 25,000 different uses from paper and clothing to food and bio-fuel. In spite of these things happening around the world, confusion still abounds in understanding exactly what the differences are between hemp and marijuana.  In this email, I will answer most of the pressing questions that people have so you can educate yourself and make informed choices. In the end, I will let you know about certain products that help you feel less pain, sleep better, and be more relaxed without getting high. So let’s jump in.

What is the difference between marijuana and hemp?

Hemp and marijuana are not the same. They both come from the same genus or plant family – cannabis.  Hemp is a much taller plant, standing between 10-15 feet tall at the time of harvest.  It grows more vertically, rather than bushy or horizontally.  Marijuana on the other hand, is shorter and is bushier and doesn’t usually grow over 5 feet tall.  Hemp products are NOT psychoactive, whereas marijuana can be.  However, recent hybridized marijuana strains have removed THC and increased CBD.  Therefore, you can get CBD products from both hemp and marijuana.

Does hemp get you high?

No, it does not.  Marijuana is what gets you high, due to containing a cannabinoid called THC (tetrahydrocannibidiol).  Both marijuana and hemp contain cannabinoids. The human body has a system, much like the nervous system that is called the endocannabinoid system. Endo means within, so your body naturally creates cannabinoids. This system has receptors specifically designed for these chemical compounds.  More than 104 different cannabinoids exist, of which THC and CBD (cannabidiol) are the most well known.  Marijuana contains THC, which is psychoactive and is responsible for feeling high. Hemp contains large quantities of CBD, which does NOT get you high. Hemp may have negligible to no THC. You may have seen CBD products cropping up everywhere these days.  CBD products can come from both hemp and recently hybridized strains of marijuana (like Charlotte’s Web).

Does CBD come just from hemp?

No. You can get a CBD dominant product that is derived from either hemp or marijuana.  In this study, more users report getting CBD dominant products derived from marijuana.

Why was marijuana made illegal in the first place?

The best answer to this question is simply greed and ignorance.  Hemp was made illegal at the same time as marijuana by association being cousins, even though it is not psychoactive like marijuana. Hemp as a plant will literally change history as we know it in the next coming decades.  Hemp can be used for paper, clothing, to build houses, and make biofuel. Henry Ford grew hemp and his Model T car was made from hemp, which is much lighter than steel and also 10 times stronger.  One picture shows him taking a sledge hammer to the side of the car and not making a dent.  However, making an indestructible car is bad for business.  You can’t sell parts that way, so it isn’t profitable.

Marijuana was made into a schedule 1 drug federally in 1937.  A schedule 1 drug is considered to have no medicinal value and is highly addictive, both of which are false with regards to marijuana.  Chinese medicine has used it medicinally for thousands of years.  Cannabis has many medicinal values and benefits, and it is suspected that it will be removed from being a schedule 1 drug within the next few years.  The most notable effect of marijuana and CBD products are for pain management.  The drug companies historically would rather you have depend upon products they sell and have patented to make money rather than allow you to have access to this miraculous plant.  But, the people have spoken and now it is being legalized.

Is CBD addictive?

Generally speaking – NO. In reality, one can be addicted to anything.  Refined sugar is far more addictive than cocaine, but we condone it in society and even subsidize it, making it dirt cheap to consume. Refined sugar is also far more damaging than CBD ever could be. Imagine if we subsidized CBD and everyone just felt calmer and less anxious. Refined sugar is responsible for many of the chronic degenerative diseases we have today.  Additionally, alcohol is far more destructive and addictive then marijuana or hemp will ever be, but it is also condoned in society.

What are the most notable benefits of hemp/CBD?

Cannabis has been used around the world for more than 5,000 years. Much of the evidence is anecdotal from testimonials by users; however, some studies report the following benefits:

Cannabis really is an amazing plant that has incredible benefits, especially for those that don’t wish to get high and can choose CBD only products.

Are there any side effects to taking CBD products?

Yes, but very few.  The most notable side effects are diarrhea, changes in appetite, and fatigue. Additionally, most of the products on the market are not certified organic and may contain higher levels of pesticides and chemicals.  As the product becomes more available, product quality and safety will rise.

Are there different strains of marijuana and if so, what are the differences?

Yes, cannabis sativa and cannabis indica.  Cannabis sativa creates more of a head high, heightened alertness, is uplifting and euphoric, many note increased creativity and increased energy.  This strain is best used in the day.  Sativa generally tends to have more CBD.  Cannabis indica is creates a body high, induces relaxation, stimulates appetite, promotes sleep, is great for pain relief and is better taken at night. Indica tends to have more THC and less CBD.  Hemp is an offshoot of cannabis sativa.

According to this study, the amount of THC found in marijuana has dramatically increased over the last 2 decades.  You have much stronger marijuana today. In the 80’s the average THC level was 4%. In 2014, it was 12%. Some strains today have in excess of 25% THC content. In the last 30 years, marijuana has been hybridized into seemingly countless different strains for desired characteristics. Hundreds, if not thousands of different strains have been created in the last 2 decades.  Here is a very fascinating guide to see many of the strains and what the effects they create.

Is CBD safe?

Yes, it is extremely safe.  And just remember, CBD products do not get you high.  They have to legally contain less than .03% THC to be sold on the market as such.

How can I learn more about CBD?

A great book with more information is Healing with CBD: Transform Your Health Without the High

What are good CBD products to try?

At the time of this writing (February 2019), CBD products are not available on Amazon, Ebay or other large online retailers.  If they were, the larger providers from legal states like Colorado would be selling them there, but they do not.  What they do sell on Amazon is hemp SEED oil, which does not contain CBD.

In the state of Florida, if you have been diagnosed with AIDS, epilepsy, chronic pain, cancer, Crohn’s disease, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, ALS, PTSD or glaucoma you can quality to get a medical marijuana card.  The visit to a medical doctor is usually $200-300 dollars, but once you get it you can buy unlimited amounts of products at a dispensary.

  • Loose leaf herb.This has been the most historical way to consume this herb.
  • CBD oil.  In the clinic, we use Hempure Products, which are organically grown and Non-GMO.  You can find the capsules here.  BEWARE: Amazon prohibits the sale of CBD or Marijuana on its site.  Even though things may come up in the search results, Amazon does not allow sales of CBD.  Only hemp seed oil with no CBD is sold on Amazon, so don’t spend your money there if you want to get a CBD product. Hemp seeds/hearts do not contain CBD.
  • Vape Oil.  A liquid or herb is heated with an atomizer, which creates a water vapor that is inhabled into the lungs. The CBD is suspended in MCT oil, which is very healthy.  Vaping CBD oil will ensure you feel the effects within minutes, versus 45 minutes to 1 hour when taking a capsule that has to pass through the digestive tract. This is the preferred way for most people to take it. You can but a good vaping pen here.
  • Gummies.  These are controlled and usually taste good, but many contain added sugar and food colorings.
  • Cream and/or Lotion.These are often used externally for muscle soreness or pain.
  • CBD for pets. It is safe and natural to give to your furry loved ones.

CBD products may not be for everyone, but for many they have already proven to be a lifesaving health supplement to help deal with pain, anxiety, sleep and other health issues.  It may work for you and it may not, but it may be worth a try if you are struggling with one of the things mentioned here.  As always, remember, that avoiding inflammatory foods such as dairy, refined sugar, wheat, corn, soy, fried foods, pork, eggs, and alcohol can have far more of an effect on dealing with inflammation that taking a health supplement to deal with it.  Additionally, a sharp increase in vegetables and fruits can also powerfully help you heal.

Ancient Chinese Proverb: He who takes medicine and neglects diet wastes the skill of his physician.

Avoid inflammatory foods, increase veggies and fruits and then take CBD for maximum effect.  Lastly, if you have pain in your body due to emotional reasons, one of the best tools to help with this is The Sedona Method.  If you want to dig into and release your emotional pain, call Dr. Scott at 407-255-0134 to set an appointment to start healing.


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