Breast Implant Illness and Healing

Breast Implant Illness

Recently, a dear friend of mine told me about two people that she knew that started having severe health problems that were widespread and seemingly unexplainable.  They both had breast implants for over 7 years.  Upon having them removed they found significant mold grow in the space surrounding where the implants were.  Can you imagine the horror of seeing actual mold growing inside of you much the same way it grows in wet, damp places in the environment? External mold exposure is well known to contribute to sickness in many people.    Imagine the havoc that this mold in the body was causing the immune system?  In addition to this stress, the rise of other viral and bacterial infections could express in the body, which can give rise to many of the unexplained symptoms that they were having.

Breasts implants are a foreign substance that is in the body for a long period of time.  How does the immune system react to this?  How much of the immune system’s resources will dedicate themselves to “fighting” this invader?  If someone already has a weakened immune system, what further systemic stress will the implants cause?  If an organ transplant is performed, immuno-suppressant drugs must be taken in order for the immune system to not destroy the organ.  Our immune system innately knows that it is not the organ we were born with and therefore attacks it.  It is logical to think that the immune system will do the same with breast implants.

I am 100% for women making a choice to do this.   Freedom to choose is a part of being human.  However, on the basics of risk and the compromise and destruction of health, it would be my advice to never get them and to have them removed immediately. So if you have had breast implants for any amount of time and have started to see the growth of health symptoms that you previously didn’t have, it is critical to consider the implants as a potential culprit.

After these two women had the area disinfected and the implants removed, slowly over the next year, a significant number of the symptoms disappeared and they both started to feel much better.  This is anecdotal evidence, but they are convinced, as I am, that the implants were largely to blame.  What are some of widespread symptoms that some women are seeing in implant illness?  Chronic fatigue, inflammation in various parts of the body, joint and muscle pain, increased susceptibility to breast cancer, abnormal changes in menses, insomnia, anxiety, skin rashes, headaches, digestive issues, increase of colds and influenza, hormonal imbalance, candida and yeast infections, numbness and tingling, thyroid issues, and many more.

It is profoundly important that upon the removal of the implants significant health changes are made in order to cleanse the body and re-strengthen the immune system.  Changes in diet, heavy metal and chemical detoxification, whole food supplements and exercise are critical for helping the body to heal, among other things.

If you are getting your implants removed or did recently and wish to do everything possible to cleanse and heal, please contact our office at 407-255-0314 to set up an appointment to help you on your healing journey.

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