Light Touch Treatments

What is Light Touch Therapy?

This therepy, otherwise known by other names such as Spinal Touch Treatment, Body Mechanics or Light Skin Therapy, is an incredible way to recalibrate the body internally, that allows for sending corrective signal and messages to the structural, cellular and energetic system of the body. In other words, it is a way for the body to realign itself naturally so that the flow of communication from the brain and nervous system can open up and be non obstructed.


Who Invented this?

A chiropracter and mechanical engineer by the name of Dr. John Hurley developed this therapy after combining what he learned from chiropractic and mechinical engineering by what he observes from the building of bridges. Dr. Hurley presented this therpay to the American Medical Association (AMA) in 1934 and within a short period of time, people were beginning to see powerful, profound and amazing improvements and changes with this therapy. This therapy was so successful at improving health for so many people that the AMA was threatened by his work and eventually threw him in jail and sued him. He eventually won all suits again him, however, the therapy went underrground for the better part of a half century. Some doctors such as Lamar Rosquist and other health practitioners have continued this work and are using it it to see amazing improvements in thier clients.


How does this therapy work?

Stress us constantly placed upon the body that can have suttle or major effects depending upon the type of stress. For example a football injury to the back is major and sitting with poor posture in an office chair is minor, however, over time, both can have a profound effect on the way the body communicates to itself and how well health is maintained. As a results we constantly become out of balance, leading to limited stuctural integrity and chronic health problems. Every part of the body reacts to this state of unbalance.

First, the client is given a gown and removes all clothing except the underwear. The body is measured from the back and from the side to determine distortions and rotations to see how far from balance the body is. A water soluble marker is also used to make small marks on different places on the upper thigh (gluteal fold), back and side. A T-Square and a plumb line are used to determine where to mark.

Next, the client lays down on a massage table where both hands are used; one to hold a position on the lower buttocks and another to begin touching various points on the buttocks and also along the spine of the client. The touch applies is very light, about the “weight” of a nickel upon the skin. It ususally takes about 30 minutes and afterwards the body is measured to see if rebalancing has occured. Multiple sessions are recommended for most people or when someone feels they have experience an event that may have cause them to become unbalanced.


Are there any effects that one feels during or after treatment?

During therapy, people report feeling eletrical surges, heat, subtle aches, and energy impuleses. Dr. Rosquist described his first session in this way: “I immediately felt a very well defined sensation only to be described as a hot laser beam coming from an electrical instrument traveling from his thumb going through my body and stopping in my prostate gland”. After therapy some have mixed reactions. It is not uncommon for some to have a “healing” reaction and actually feel worse for one or two days after. This is normal and is the body way of rebalancing as toxins are released and the body needs to get rid of them. Is this therapy safe? It is a 100% non-manipulative, natural and non invasive way of using the body own intelligence to rebalance.


What are the benefits of Light Touch Therapy?

1. Improved electrical circuitry in the body

2. Improved magnetic polarity

3. It supports the natural healing ability of the body

4. Chronic pain can be diminished

5. Energy can increase.

6. A greater sense of well being, including emotional and mental clarity.

This therapy is not in any way meant to diagnose, treat, cure any disease or health problem. This therapy is not considered medicine or chiropractic in nature.

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