Lower Cholesterol Naturally with Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

Lowering High Cholesterol Naturally with Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

Many people have been led to believe that high cholesterol is the main problem behind heart disease and coronary accidents such as heart attacks and strokes.  This is one of the biggest lies that have been perpetuated in modern medicine.  Cholesterol is not the problem.  As a result, cholesterol lowering medications are on the top of the list as the most widely prescribed medications in the entire world.  The amount of money made off of this is absolutely staggering, many hundreds of billions of dollars. This medication is not necessary in most cases, if people are willing to take full responsibility for their health.  I have witnessed many patients levels drops from the high 200’s, 300’s and 400’s back to normal range within months.  It is possible and you don’t have to take this medication for the rest of your life.

What is Cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a fatty, waxy substance that is produced in your liver, is found in your bloodstream and is needed by every cell in the body.

What does Cholesterol do in the body?

–        Makes all major sex hormones including estrogen, progesterone, testosterone and cortisol.

–        Helps conducts nerve impulses in the brain.

–        Allows the body to produce vitamin D.

–        Makes up bile acids which help to break down fat and all your fat soluble vitamins like A, E, D and K.

–        Main contributor in the making all of the walls of our cells.  Cholesterol is in every cell of the body.

–        Cholesterol contributes to keeping the immune system running well.  Those on statins and with low cholesterol levels are subject to more cold/flus and infections.

As you can see, it is really important.  Huge marketing campaigns in the 50’s and 60’s convinced people that fat was bad and made you fat.  So it was removed from food and replaced with sugar or ever worse yet all the “diet” foods with artificial sweeteners such as Splenda, equal and sweet and low.  If it makes all of our sex hormones and people have hormonal problems now more than ever, this could be a part of the reason why this is happening.  Asking regular folk on the street if “fat makes you fat” will get a resounding yes from most people I have asked.  Fat does not make you fat.  The wrong types of fat make you fat.  If we don’t get adequate levels of cholesterol and the body is not making enough in the liver to keep up, you can get some serious health problems.  Cholesterol is the problem solver, not the problem.

So if cholesterol isn’t the bad guy, what is?

The simple answer to this answer is inflammation.  Half of all heart attacks occur without much forewarning or so it has been said.  However, inflammation usually shows up in many ways before something like this occurs.  You have to start paying attention to the cues from your body.  The largest contributors to inflammation in the body are refined white sugar and corn syrup, fried foods (polyunsaturated vegetable oils), GMO wheat, and dairy.  This is much of the Standard American Diet (it’s SAD).  You may have been told and lead to believe that corn, soy, canola, safflower and other vegetable oils are healthy, but this is not true.  They are chemically unstable oils, that are rancid and through processing so this rancidity gets covered up.  When they are heated, it is even worse.  They enter into the body as free radicals and need antioxidants in order to counteract the damage and inflammation they cause.

Antioxidants are found in vegetables and fruits.  Most Americans don’t eat more than 2 servings of vegetables per day.  Consumption of super inflammatory foods and hardly getting any servings of vegetables is the recipe for disaster for heart disease and heart attacks.  If cells are damaged due to inflammation, the body sends cholesterol to fix the problem and rebuild the damaged cells.

Above is the very simple answer about what the physical causes and remedies are for lowering cholesterol rapidly.  This will help to heal the physical part of the body.  However, as with every health condition there are 5 Levels of Healing in the Body.  Many health problems, even though they manifest physically, can have a deeper root cause.

Energetic or Electrical Aspects to High Cholesterol

Acupuncture is the best tool to deal with problems in the 2nd level of the body.  Acupuncture can help to lower cholesterol in a powerful ways because it helps to lower inflammation.  This is why so many numbers of people report very powerful healing responses from pain and other conditions with acupuncture treatments.  Many people think acupuncture is a weird Eastern mystical qi thing.  This is not the case.  It is a part of our electrical system, the same way the nervous system is.  The nervous system communicates with the body through electrical signals as does acupuncture.

Modern science has proven this to be true.  Acupuncture points are found along connective tissue divides in the body.  Connective tissue is piezo-electric, meaning that it is a potent generator and conductor of electricity.  When you turn the “lights” back on to a part of the body, power is restored, bringing oxygen, fresh blood and powerful pain mitigating chemicals from the brain to the part of the body being needled.  Acupuncture may help you lower your cholesterol levels and bring about powerful healing responses in the body.

Consciousness or Emotional Aspects to High Cholesterol

The 3rd through 5th levels of the body are all dominated by negative emotions and how they influence health.  While this has not been the most acceptable of beliefs in modern Western medicine, people are starting to wake up to the fact that emotions may very well be the most powerful factor in whether we heal or not.  Chinese medicine says that negative emotions literally cause disease and health problems.  Therefore, if we learned how to let emotions go (which most people don’t do well at all), then we can heal.

High cholesterol has a consciousness or a set of negative emotions and beliefs that drive it as a health problem.   Some of these things may apply to you, some may not.  All that one needs is to keep an open mind that our feelings not only feed into our health problems, but they can be the actually root problem.  Those aspects are:

“Cholesterol—Feeling vulnerable and in need of protection. Keeping secrets; continually feeling under threat and ready to fight. Constantly on guard, expecting something bad to happen. Holding on to pain and limitation from the past in order to cushion yourself for the next blow. Lack of joy, fun, and laughter. Carrying too much nervous energy and too easily irritated.” (Inna Segal, The Secret Language of Your Body)

Clinically, we use powerful tools and methods to help you let go of your negative emotions.  Letting go of negative emotions using these tools helped me to heal almost instantly from 11 years of heavy depression.

If you would like a full plan and all the tools to help you lower your cholesterol naturally, then please contact us.  Remove inflammatory foods, eat lots of vegetables, get regular acupuncture treatments and learn how to let go of your negative emotions.  If you do these things, the chances of lowering cholesterol are very good.  We would be happy to heal.  Distance sessions are available.  You do not need to be in the local Orlando, FL area  in order to be able to receive care.  Historically, phone sessions are just as powerful to help people lower their cholesterol as receiving care in person.  Call Dr. Scott at 407-255-0314 to schedule your appointment now.

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