Healing Epilepsy with Dr. Saima Bhatti Podcast

Healing from Epilepsy and Seizures with Dr. Saima Bhatti

Epilepsy is a condition which is very difficult to go through and is a mystery for Western medicine in many respects.  Most pathology with regards to seizures in Chinese medicine is related to the liver organ and its channel expression in the body.  We see many people make very good progress when we use targeted food, herbal formulas, acupuncture and emotional releasing in the treatment of this condition and bringing balance to the body.  Along with Chinese medicine, modern medical advancements and understanding ketosis has brought relief to many people with this condition.

Dr. Saima Bhatti was diagnosed with a rare condition called mesial temporal sclerosis at the age of 19.   This is a very rare form of temporal lobe epilepsy.  She was not given long to live, and was told that in a very short time she would be non-functional and would die at an early age.  She has defied all odds and has essentially all but conquered this condition.  She knows her triggers, pays hyper attention to her body’s queues and very infrequently experiences seizures.  Instead of waiting to die, she has thrived and is now inspiring others to thrive as well.  She has since become a Chinese medical doctor and acupuncture physician and is very passionate about helping people with a wide variety of health issues.

0:33 – 12 years of struggling with epilepsy

1:20 – Her condition was a mystery for months before a diagnosis was arrived at.

1:58 – Losing hearing, not forming sentences, loss of motor skills and not being able to remember – recovery was the worst after a seizure.

3:10 – Legions in the brain, and the expansion of brain damage.  Mesial Temporal Sclerosis – a very rare diagnosis.

4:30 – Prognosis – within 7 years I will be non functional and will pass away early in life.

6:20 – A breakthrough – nothing is working.  Landmark Forum and how impacting it was for her.  I can create the life of my dreams.

7:45 – I was on a rampage to heal. She composed an email to everyone she knew asking for help.  She got 98 responses.  Acupuncture was #7 on the list.

8:53 – I hated my first experience of acupuncture!

10:15 – Redemption – acupuncture and Chinese medicine was life saving!  Seizures got worse, then much better.  I didn’t have a seizure for 2.5 years!

13:45 – I am not my condition.

14:05 – Exercise has been key to healing, but only 1-2 times per week.

15:00 – Caffeine was a huge problem leading to seizures, as was wine, whiskey and refined sugar.

18:01 – Stagnation, heat and wind as factors leading to seizures.  Sugar creates much heat in the body.

18:45 – Ketogenic diet – making sure that the brain gets enough good fat to function properly.

20:25 – Is fat really bad?  A new look at fat.

22:15 – Coconut oil, krill oil as amazing sources of fat.

22:53 – www.ruledme.com – good sources for all things ketogenic.

25:20 – Exogenous keytones – a wonderful resource for putting you into ketosis instantly.

25:46 – 50-60% fat, and not more than 30 grams of carbohydrates per day.

30:25 – Now I contribute and get to help so many other people.

32:35 – Ontology and the art of being as a pathway to be whole, free and complete.

33:59 – Recreating life within the framework of language – the occurring world.  People will always take action with how the world occurs to them.  Anything is possible and I can heal!

35:59 – Does acupuncture really work?  Does it hurt?

38:00 – Chinese medicine is good for everything, even things like the common cold!  The Spark In The Machine – the best book for understanding Chinese Medicine.

41:32 – Your body will indicate how much treatment will be beneficial for you.

43:00 – Most common factors behind ill health?  Eating, moving, and sleeping – the basics most of us already know but don’t always do very well.

44:53  – The blind spot in people’s health story.

45:30 – Dr. Saima Bhatti loves working with depression, anxiety, pain anywhere in the body, hormone regulation (menopause, fertility and the menses), and colds/flu.

48:24 – Chinese medicine is tailored specific to you and your health condition.

49:39 – Pulse diagnosis – the gateway into what is happening in the body.

55:27 – Contact info.

*My cautionary advice with regards to the ketogenic diet is understanding that liver and gallbladder health is already so compromised in our Western world that exposing these two organs to more fat to process can actually cause more problems.  Consult a holistic practitioner to help the liver and gallbladder heal first.


  1. Exogenous Ketones – Put your body into a state of ketosis instantly with exogenous ketones. They can help with weight loss, headaches, seizures, other brain diseases, athletic performance, and mood stabilization.
  2. The 30 day Ketogenic Cleanse.
  3. The Ketogenic Diet for Beginners.
  4. Atlantic Dulse – a great supplement for anything brain related. Great for detoxifying the body too.  1-2 tablespoons per day.
  5. Niacinamide-B6, B6-Niacinamide, Cataplex B and Cataplex G are great for seizure related conditions. These are only available through select practitioners. It is very important to make sure that the liver and gallbladder are clean and functioning well.  They are normally very imbalanced in conditions related to seizures and epilepsy.  Chinese medicine treats this very well.

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