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Healing Depression with Dr. Steve Moreau, AP


Depression is something that affects millions of Americans in the world today.  It is estimated that over 40 million people are taking some kind of drug for depression and anxiety.  Depression is not a chemical imbalance and medical research is now leading the way saying that it is a a form of brain inflammation.  If the brain is inflamed, what is contributing to it being in this state?  The most common foods that lead to massive inflammation in the brain and body are wheat, dairy, refined sugar, soy, corn, fried foods and alcohol.  For many people today, these foods are what people consume in almost every meal in some combination.  Dr. Steve Moreau discusses how these foods led the way for his own depression and how Chinese medicine, herbal formulas, dietary changes and acupuncture helped to heal him of depression.

1:04 – Practitioners are so inspired by Chinese medicine that we decide to study and practice it.

1:47 – I didn’t feel medication was the answer to my depression.

2:50 – Within 6 months of taking herbs and getting acupuncture, I felt so much better!

3:15 – I followed a couple around for four years and learned acupuncture from them.

4:35 – Depression was caused by “horrible” eating and nutritional deficiency – slim fast dieting!

6:50 – Stay aware from Ensure and Slim Fast – they are horrible “foods”.

7:55 – Our brains need good sources of very specific, life giving fats to be healthy.  Sugar causes massive inflammation to the brain.

10:01 – 5 Elements and how they interact in Chinese medicine.

10:25 – My earth and wood elements were out of balance (liver – anger and spleen – worry and over-thinking), leading to depression.

14:05 – Chinese medicine is amazing for any digestive complaints and problems such as colitis, IBS, gastritis, gas, bloating, diarrhea, stomach pain and constipation.

17:30 – Constant refined sugar leeches nutrients and minerals from the body.

18:01 – Good quality protein is needed for good neurotransmitter health.

20:25 – Protein needs co-factors in order to be useful.   Trans-fat also inhibits good health in the body.

22:30 – Crisco, margarine and man-made fats are horrible for the body.  They are very unnatural.

27:13 – When we stick as close to nature as possible, we can ensure better health.

28:55 – Coconut oil, butter, and lard – good quality saturated fats. Stay away from fried food.

31:45 – Lots and lots of vitamins and minerals from vegetables and fruits are very important.

32:45 – Juicing vegetables can supercharge your health and keep you depression free.

33:45 – Green Vibrance, Perfect Food and other green vegetable powders.

35:01 – Electro-magnetic pollution and disconnecting from technology lets the brain rest.  Shut your phone and Wi-fi down at night.

37:15 – Some people are actually allergic to electro-magnetic frequencies.

38:04 – Earthing mat and reconnecting to the good energy of the earth.  Put your bare feet on the ground every day.

41:50 – Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, MD and his research has discovered that EMF’s can trigger autism in children up to 8 years old.

42:45 – Get a timer to turn your Wifi off at night and on in the morning.

46:26 – The Secret Language of Your Body and depression – how emotions and consciousness affect the physical body.

48:00 – Liver health and seeing an expanding view of life.

49:54 – Light therapy and seeing promise for depression.  Neurofeedback – training the brain back to health.

51:15 – Using a cold laser to stimulate acupuncture points on the body.

52:55 – The new possibilities about how magic mushrooms and psilocybin can be very promising for depression and anxiety.  Study from Johns Hopkins University.

55:25 – Nutrition and Physical Degeneration – a life changing book for Dr. Moreau. Good Calories, Bad Calories – changing our food paradigm.

56:30 – Contact Dr. Steve Moreau – www.farmfreshdirect2u.com.   Phone: 407-580-7393

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