Body Talk

Body Talk System For Healing and Wholeness

Body Talk is an amazing system that understands health and the body from a very deep perspective and can help to bring about huge shifts that bring balance and wholeness to the body.  One of the deepest concepts in this system centers on communication.  When problems arise in relationships, the one thing that usually suffers first is communication.  One person isn’t getting their needs met, the other is not listening, doesn’t feel loved and so on.  Much of this interaction happens through communication or lack thereof.  Likewise, when two people communicate, listen, seek first to understand rather than be understood and they forgive each other, the relationship is restored.  This restoration is health.  When communication occurs on the deepest level, relationship and health can be restored and balanced.

Often, health or lack of health in the body is the same way.  When the body isn’t communicating properly with all parts, things tend to break down.  The Body Talk System is a quantum model of health that identifies and helps all parts of the body to restore communication.

We are a complex mix of physical, biochemical, energetic, electrical, psychological, mental, and emotional factors.  For example, a memory at the age of 5 where abuse occurred could have affected many different parts of you.  This memory may have contributed to many different parts isolating themselves from the whole of you.  By getting the body, the organs, endocrine glands, any systems and the memory itself to all be in communication, the body can be given the opportunity to self heal and balance itself.  The Body Talk System is one that accounts for any and all factors that may need to be balanced.

The Body Talk System does not make any kind of diagnosis.  In order to get communication to occur, no diagnosis of anything is needed.  It is completely safe and does not interfere with any other forms of treatment that you are receiving.  It is non-invasive and the practitioner simply gains information from you using neuromuscular feedback (intuitive applied kinesiology).

The heart of The Body Talk System is the idea that your body has an innate wisdom, a wisdom that simply needs to be accessed in order for you to heal.  Your body knows how to fix itself.  Your body has all the necessary information or the blueprint to facilitate full health and healing.  By accessing this wisdom and setting up the conditions for communication to occur, the body is given the chance to do what it does best.  It is given the chance to balance and heal.

Western medicine follows a Cartesian model of seeing the body.  It breaks down the body into smaller and smaller parts and sees each body part as isolated from the whole.  The future of health care follows more of a Chinese view of the body in that all parts are related to and affect the whole of the body.  By seeing the body holistically and seeing how all parts relate to each other, the complex dynamics can be understood and encouraged to heal.

Thousands of medical doctors, acupuncturists, chiropractors, nurses, massage therapists and many others all over the world are using The Body Talk System to help people to heal.  The Body Talk System is also a modality that tremendously helps the practitioner develop their intuition.  It uses a left brain model to navigate through all the parts of the body combined with an integrated right brain approach that combines the best of both worlds together.  Using both the left and right brain, the logical and the intuitive, helps the practitioner to think outside of the box and see the body and how it really communicates in amazing ways.

Body Talk has been used to help facilitate healing from all kinds of health issues where many other different options have not been successful.  If you are interested in a model of total health care and full integration, then you might want to consider Body Talk in Orlando with Dr Scott.  On Youtube, Dr. John Veltheim has an 8-part series on what Body Talk is, how it came to be and how it can help you.   Sessions can be done in person or at a distance. If this resonates with you, please contact Dr. Scott at 407-255-0314 for more information.

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