Heal Infertility Naturally with Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture

The CDC estimates that over 10% of women between the ages of 15-44 having trouble getting or staying pregnant.  These numbers are increasing every year.  Some even estimate that as many as 40% could be infertile within the next 30 with the trends we are seeing today.  In the last 6 years of practice (2011-2017), I have personally had 7 cases of women that have come in with fertility problems, have all gotten pregnant and have given birth to beautiful children.  Each case was vastly different, but Chinese medicine is very well equipped to deal with this issue.  Some of the factors are relatively simple, while others are much more complex.  For some, thousands have been spent in tests indicating that nothing is wrong.  For others, tests have indicated that abnormalities of many kinds exist but still have been able to heal and get pregnant despite very dire predictions about their state of health.

Chinese medicine considers factors that are not a part of Western medicine.  Every health issue has physical, electrical, and emotional/spiritual components that when addressed together provide the best chances to heal infertility naturally.  For more information, please see the article The Five Levels of Healing in the Body.  In the case of my own mother, she had seven miscarriages before she gave birth to me.  Aware of how critical emotional factors are in this process, about a year ago, I asked her, when she had all those miscarriages, if she really wanted to have children.  Her honest and vulnerable response was that she probably did not want to have children.

Could our mind and emotions be that powerful as to not support life in the body?  Yes.  Alternatively, the same can apply when children are desired more than anything else in life.   The suffering that can ensue when pregnancy doesn’t occur may be the very thing that is arising in order to further our emotional and spiritual healing.  Healing emotionally can be the very thing which ensures that the body is fully ready to support new life.  This is certainly not meant to simplify this issue, nor diminish the longings and aches of those who wish to be parents.

Physical Healing of Infertility

Many physical health problems arise in society today because of two factors – toxicity and nutritional deficiency.  It is very critical to make sure that one’s body is as free of heavy metals and chemicals as possible.  Clinically, we use a very particular detoxification program that is complete and also highly nutritious.  It is also very important that men consider this as well, because infertility is not at all limited to just women.  Whole foods supplements are used to support the body in the best way possible to give the body what it needs to support life.  Synthetic supplements are not recommended.  Lastly, it is critical that certain foods are avoided completely for a woman who is trying to get pregnant.  All of this is discussed in a fertility program in the clinic.

Electrical Healing of Infertility

In the Chinese medicine community, stories of pregnancy abound with people who tried “everything” and finally decided to give us a try.  Acupuncture has been part of this treatment that has a track record of working very well.  It is a wonderful tool that should be tried by anyone trying to heal infertility naturally.  The acupuncture system, like the nervous system, is a part of the body’s electrical system.  When electricity to a part of the body, like the ovaries and uterus, is not “turned on” it will not function as it should.  Acupuncture points stimulate electrical flow, oxygen and blood containing life giving substances to the part of the body being stimulated which elicits powerful healing responses.  It is highly recommended to try acupuncture.

Emotional/Spiritual Healing of Infertility

Every health problem in the body has consciousness attached to it. This means that there are emotions and beliefs associated with almost everything we experience in the body.  This has nothing to do with blame, but simply taking a look at inner emotions that we may be holding onto that could be contributing to the problem we are having.  Below are the thoughts related to this subject:

“Infertility—Cold energy around the womb. Feeling rejected, abandoned, inadequate. Suppression of pain, emptiness, regret, sadness, loss, struggle, and dissatisfaction. Feeling like you are missing out on life.

Miscarriage—Not ready for children. Fear of childbirth and responsibility. Unresolved family issues. A need of being soft, gentle, and loving with yourself.” (Inna Segal – The Secret Language of Your Body)

Do any of these resonate with you?  Do any memories come to your mind that could be associated with these things that you know are unresolved inside of you?  We all carry negative things from our past into the present moment.  Clinically, we use powerful and easy to learn consciousness based emotional releasing tools to help people be free from what may be hurting you in the present moment.  This was a part of all seven cases of women I’ve helped.

Healing infertility naturally is possible in many cases when the physical, electrical and emotional/spiritual components are addressed together.  This ensures the best chances of healing.  If this information resonates with you and you would like to work with Dr. Scott, please call 407-255-0314 to set up your appointment now.  If you are not in the Orlando, Florida area, phone and distances appointments are available too.

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