Allergies/Hay Fever

Heal Allergies Naturally with Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture

Allergies do not have to be something that you struggle with for the rest of your life.  A medical doctor, acupuncturist and chiropractor by the name of Devi Nambudripad is the modern “mother” of allergy elimination.  Her story is fascinating and since she discovered that the body can relearn to not react to substances that are not harmful.  NEAT (Nambrudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique) is what was birthed out of her discoveries.  NAET uses acupuncture and acupressure stimulation to reprogram the body to “allergic” substances.   An allergy is essentially a fear or phobia of the immune system and just as people can let go of their fears and transform their lives, so also the immune system can relearn to not react to things that are not typically harmful (like pollen, for example).

Each health issue has physical, electrical, and emotional/spiritual components that must be addressed in order for you to fully heal allergies naturally.  Most people simply think of allergies as just being a physical problem.  However, the emotional components (mind) of allergies are the most powerful things that keep them a problem. For more information on this model and understanding of health, please see the article The Five Levels of Healing in the Body.

Physical Healing of Allergies

Our immune systems have to deal with so many countless numbers of things in the world today that it never has had to deal with before.  Our world is inundated with toxic metals and chemicals that are too numerous to mention.  These toxins stress our digestive system, immune system and lymphatic system.  Detoxifying our bodies is a critical first step in strengthening our immune system and healing naturally from allergies.  When this is done, many responses in people get better or sometimes just disappear.  However, not all detoxification protocols are the same, some are even somewhat harmful and years of experienced has helped pinpoint what works best clinically.

A second powerful step to healing allergies physically is to supply the body with much needed nutrients that make the immune system strong.  The most nutrient dense foods on the planet are vegetables and people don’t eat very many servings of those in our world today.  Additionally, other foods such as refined sugar, dairy, wheat, soy, alcohol and fried foods are very toxic and put much stress on our body, lowering basic immune function.  Clinically, we use a plan to detoxify the body and get the necessary foods and supplements that will help to make your body strong.  This is half the battle.

Electrical Healing of Allergies

When the body is given an acupuncture treatment with an allergen (usually in vials) being held onto, a reprogramming or desensitization of how the body sees the allergen takes place.  NAET can be done with our without acupuncture.  The acupuncture system is a part of the electrical system of the body and when power gets “turned back on” to a part of the body being stimulated, increased oxygen, blood flow and healing chemicals are stimulated in order to facilitate healing. Acupuncture points are found mostly along connective tissue divides.  Connective tissue is piezo-electric, which means it is a fantastic generator and conductor of electricity.  Many have found natural relief from their allergies with acupuncture.

Emotional/Spiritual Healing of Allergies

Your body will make powerful emotional associations to things in the physical world when negative emotional stimuli are present in your life.  If you wake up every morning dreading going to work and hating your job while you eat toast and drink orange juice, your body and immune system will seek to protect you from these things (allergic responses) because negative emotions don’t support life or health.  Therefore, an allergy can develop over time to these and many other things.

Each health problem has consciousness to it as well, including allergies.  Here are the general ideas associated with allergies:

“Allergies—Feeling annoyed and aggravated by other people. Giving away your power. Blaming people and events for your negative reactions. Obsession with people who have hurt you. Difficulty forgiving and seeing the blessing in this hurt. Allowing yourself to be controlled or manipulated by others, and then punishing them by withholding love and kindness. Not knowing how to create boundaries with others.

Food Allergies/Sensitivities—Feeling irritated by what is happening around you. Extremely sensitive to other people’s behaviors and beliefs about you. Feeling frustrated that your discomforts with life have not been heard and solved. Resisting life. Too focused on what you like and don’t like. Not allowing full expression of who you are.” (Inna Segal – The Secret Language of Your Body)

Do any of these apply to you?  When you think back on your life, do any past memories come to mind with these themes in them?  The past is where our programming takes place.  Our negative memories and experiences are the most powerful things which can determine our allergic responses.  Clinically, we use consciousness based healing tools that are easy to learn so that you can truly let go of your past and heal naturally.

When you address all of the physical, electrical and emotional/spiritual components to a health problem, you will give yourself the best chance of healing.  You can heal allergies naturally when you deal with them on every level in the body.  If this information resonates with you and you would like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Scott, please call 407-255-0314 now.  If you are not in the Orlando, Florida level, distance and phone appointments are available as well.

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