Non-Duality Part 2 – Dr. Scott’s Story

Brad Interviews Dr. Scott Part 2 – Dr. Scott’s Personal Story into Non -Duality – Podcast Notes

Non-duality is beyond thought, emotions, concepts, judgments, positions, opinions, and belief systems.  Non-duality is All That Is.  Only with words can we talk conceptionally about it, but since it is beyond form and concepts, words and form just simply point in the direction of what it is. 

Gay Lacy – Massage Therapist Extraordinaire (podcast)

Gay Lacy Massage Therapist Extraordinaire Podcast

Gay Lacy has been giving massages to people almost as far back as she has memory.  She has always enjoyed using her hands to help people, ease their pain and feel better.  In this podcast, she will share about her extensive history as a massage therapist and how massage can be used to maximize our healing potential. 

Transformation Healing Through Mindful Therapy With Bryan Nixon!

Bryan Nixon – Founder of Mindful Counseling GR (

Therapy is a sacred encounter where the pain, suffering, and challenges we face can be met with presence, love, grace and space to explore within a therapeutic relationship.  It can be a wonderful journey towards growth and liberation from the patterns and emotional wounds that you may have carried around for as long as you can remember. 

Healing Depression with Dr. Steve Moreau – Podcast

Healing Depression with Dr. Steve Moreau, AP


Depression is something that affects millions of Americans in the world today.  It is estimated that over 40 million people are taking some kind of drug for depression and anxiety.  Depression is not a chemical imbalance and medical research is now leading the way saying that it is a a form of brain inflammation. 

Healing Epilepsy with Dr. Saima Bhatti Podcast

Healing from Epilepsy and Seizures with Dr. Saima Bhatti

Epilepsy is a condition which is very difficult to go through and is a mystery for Western medicine in many respects.  Most pathology with regards to seizures in Chinese medicine is related to the liver organ and its channel expression in the body.  We see many people make very good progress when we use targeted food,

Exploring Non-Duality with Bradley Bemis

Exploring Non-Duality with Bradley Bemis

Non-Duality is nothing, yet it is everything.  It is the encompassing idea of the world beyond time, form, words, people, structure, and religion.  It is life itself.  In reality, it cannot even be discussed using words or pictures, because once it is,  it is removed from it’s essence (non-form) and is constricted to the world of form. 

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