What should I take for X problem? I have no idea.

What should I take for ___ problem?  What would you do for me for?

These questions gets asked of me frequently, by people who are unfamiliar with Chinese medicine, Naturopathic medicine or energy medicine.   I chuckle a little every time I hear it.  I suppose this comes from the programming we have in Western culture about medicine and our heavy reliance on pharmaceutical drugs.

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – Why I Wont Participate

Recently, the ice bucket challenge for ALS has spread wildly across social media and the internet.

The purpose of the ice bucket challenge is to raise awareness about ALS and to donate for research to finding a cure for this awful disease.   One must admit that the idea for doing this was brilliant and has wildly caught on.   

Is Your Multivitamin Killing You or Giving You Life?

Do you take a daily multivitamin?  What if that multivitamin you take was actually poison and you didn’t know it?  Many people these days seem to understand that we are missing nutritional factors from the food we eat because the quality of food has gone down tremendously over the last 50-100 years.  From people not consuming as many vegetables and fruits as they used too and an even larger part of the population consuming non-organic food,

Bach Flowers and Their Powerful Effects on Our Emotions

Have you ever heard of Bach Flowers Remedies?  Many people have experienced the remarkable power  of Bach Flowers Remedies on raising the emotions.    Clinically they do wonders and should be a tool in any alternative practitioner’s practice.  One of the most remarkable and memorable times I can remember was using them was with a woman that was hysterical,

A Haircut: Experiencing Health and God

Have you ever had that one horrible haircut experience?  Today was haircut day.   It is that day that arrives about every 4-6 weeks or
so.  Haircut experiences are not pleasant for me.  I go to a place close to where I live and since I go at random times, the person cutting my hair is different every time.