Is Chewing Gum The New Tobacco?

Do you chew gum on a daily basis? Have you ever questioned the impact that chewing gum can have on your health?

As with many things that we expose our bodies to on a daily basis, let’s take a moment and analyze the ingredients of chewing gum and ask some important questions that pertain to whether it contributes to good health.

Dietary Fat and Liver Problems

In the clinic today, aside from digestive issues, the other organ that is affected the most in the people I see is the liver.  Symptoms that arise that are associated with the liver in Chinese medicine are depression, insomnia, all cancers, difficult concentrating, obesity, diabetes, brain fog, headaches, migraines, dry skin, numbness, tingling, chronic pain,

Five Foods That Cause Inflammation

All chronic inflammation in the body is heavily influenced the foods that you consume.  Aside from dairy, wheat and refined sugars, five other foods heavily contribute to inflammation and disease today. Those foods are soy, corn, pork, eggs, and alcohol. Moderation is not the key with these foods.  Most people in the USA today do not just eat one of these foods on a daily basis. 

The 3 Most Toxic Foods You Can Consume

Do you consume wheat, dairy products or refined sugar every day?

Dairy, wheat and refined sugar are arguable the three most damaging, harmful and toxic foods that are consumed in the world today.  And they are such a struggle for people to avoid, because they are in everything these days!  They are literally responsible for why we have such extreme rates of cancer,

Are Your Personal Care Products Killing You?

What kind of personal care products are you putting on your body?
Never in the history of the world have we lived in such a toxic environment. Toxins contribute in a massive way to the health problems that people have in the world today. The average woman puts over 140 toxic chemicals on her body first thing in the morning with personal care products.

The Top 20 Secrets to Abundant Health

Do you know what the secrets are to abundant health?  As someone who has struggled with autoimmune issues and after having observed and treated thousands of people over the years, certain habits have stood out that make a huge difference for people.  Here are the top 20 secrets to abundant health:

1. Consume at least 6 servings of fresh organic vegetables and 3 fruits per day (serving = 1 cup).

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